14 Underrated Web Series & Films To Cure You Of The Same Old TV Drama

Ever since I came to know that Simar had been turned into a fly and was still trying to be the ideal bahu, I knew it was time I quit the luxury of watching television. And guess what, I haven’t regretted the decision ever since. Thanks to unlimited Internet, and the advent of web series and films, a new door to quality entertainment has opened up for me.

So if you too are one of those who finds the idea of watching mindless TV soaps absolutely abhorrent, and you want some fresh content to brew your mind, tune in – for I am going to list down some underrated yet must-watch shows and films for you right here.

Love Per Square Foot

We all know how problematic it is finding a place to live in Mumbai. Combine that with the fact that two people from different faiths fake marriage on paper to buy a place, and then fall in love. Quirky, cute and totally relatable, this movie is worth the two hours you spend on it.

You can watch it here.

Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat

Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar make for an onscreen pairing that everyone has come to love. Unusual, with an insane spark of chemistry between them, their web series Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat is perfect Mills & Boon material…for the grownups! After all, love is not just for the young, right?

Watch the first episode here.

Laakhon Mein Ek

The debut web series by celebrated stand up comic Biswa Kalyan Rath focuses on the stories of those individuals who are indeed Laakhon Mein Ek. These are the people who listened to their hearts and deviated from the ways of society to carve a niche for themselves.

You can watch it here.

Chinese Bhasad

We’ve all watched those typical East meets West romances – with a Brit or American guy wooing an Indian beauty. But what if we were to look around for more ethnicities to explore cultural connections and differences with? That’s what you are going to find here – an Indian boy falls in love with a Chinese girl, and the drama that ensues when he drops the marriage bomb on his family.

You can watch the first episode here.

Aam Aadmi Family

As the name suggests, this is a normal middle-class family, just like any of ours. This series from the brings together a family of a grandmother, a set of parents and two grownup kids, and how they all deal with each other. Relatable yet fresh, this one will make you smile.

You can watch the first episode here.

Haq Se

Set against the backdrop of Kashmir, this is a story of four sisters who want to fight against the odds and make something of themselves. Their father’s factory is burnt down during riots and he is forced to leave in order to cater to the medical needs of the Army – and the sisters must strive hard to fulfil their dreams and passions in life. And, yes, it is loosely based on Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women – one more reason to watch it.

You can watch the first episode here.

Bang Baaja Baaraat

Normally, even in love marriages, the lovers tell their parents well in advance…and all the drama takes place after that. But what happens when you tell your parents the same weekend you’re going to get married, after you are done with all the preparations? And what happens when your sets of parents are as different as they could be from each other, and the drama of it all makes you question your decision to get married? All this, and much more is what you’ll find in this series.

You can watch the first episode here.

Romil And Jugal

With the adventures of Romil and Jugal, you have a perfect rom-com on your hands. A quirky take on Shakespeare’s Romeo And Juliet, this one will make you crack up, smile and cry, all at once.

You can watch the first episode here.

Dev DD

A fresh take on the classic Devdas, this time it’s a girl stepping into the tragedy king’s footsteps. Vicky is exactly the opposite of what society expects a girl to be. She has her flaws, she has her needs, and she has her heart – she is just a human being. Her choices may not always be right, but does that give everyone any right to berate her? Watch this one for an amazingly fresh take on Devdas.

You can watch the first episode here.

What The Folks!

A modern-day love story with a family thrown in. A simple family with even simpler story – just breaking stereotypes with every scene and episode. This one is a must-watch if you want something light yet something meaningful.

You can watch the first episode here.

Little Things

Now this one’s a total favourite. The love story of Dhruv and Kavya, a couple in a live-in relationship, is so cute and so relatable, that you will just want to hug them when you see them. The usual banter, along with the love, the friendship, and the responsibilities that come with the relationship – they are all there, but without the background music. And trust us when we say that it’s better that way.

You can watch the first episode here.

Love Shots

Six different stories, spanning different lives from different strata of society, across ages, but with one common theme: love. This series is a gem if you want short stories that’ll stay with you long after you have watched them. It makes you believe that love finds you everywhere and anywhere, despite the circumstances.

You can watch the first episode here.

Man’s World

Ever wondered what would happen if the world just flipped overnight and you woke up to all the roles, responsibilities, judgement, and pros and cons of the two genders flipped? Yes, that’s what this series is about. An extremely fresh perspective on gender bias, this one is a must-watch. And, of course, watch out for mini appearances by our favourite actresses.

You can watch the first episode here

The Test Case

Starring Nimrat Kaur, The Test Case is all about Captain Shikha Sharma, and her survival in the male-dominated world of the Indian army. How she faces the challenges and comes through it all forms the crux of this shining new series.

You can watch the first episode here.

So, what are you waiting for? Get, set, binge!