This Powerful Poem Is What EVERY Woman Needs Right Now

It’s rare for me to come across a man writing a poem about women that’ll move me to tears. That’ll make me breathe a sigh of relief, finally feeling understood. As if I can finally stop veiling my femininity with what the world thinks I should be. A poem that finally understood that women are not a liability – they never were. But Prateek Singh’s brilliant spoken word poem ‘Devi’ turned out to be an exception.

For me, Hindi is a bit of a struggle.Yes, yes, I’m an Indian, but the whole ‘every word has a gender’ thing always left me confused. Plus, the fact that most of my family struggles with Hindi as well, doesn’t help. So when I came across Prateek’s poem, I didn’t really expect much. Alas, I was proven wrong. He took my biggest struggle with the language and turned it into a beautifully empowering poem. He used something so often used to subjugate the ‘fairer sex’ and flipped it on its head. Honestly, I’m going to try not to give any spoilers about this poem, because it unveils itself slowly. And with each layer, it becomes more beautifully thought-provoking.