15 Powerful Illustrations That Prove Bold Is Beautiful

Maria Uve’s Instagram is an account that I shamelessly admit to stalking regularly. I was introduced to her art as part of the Uncover project, and I’ve been glued to it since. See, Maria’s art speaks to the sometimes angry, sometimes misunderstood, liberal 20-something.

Her art is raw, and one of the most honest things I’ve come across on the internet. Which makes sense, because as she says,

“For me the inspiration are my own feelings, I use art (including illustration and text both of equal value, since they complement each other) to express to the world my hopes. I believe in a united society – one with freedom and without prejudices and bigotry. Where people love and respect each other regardless of societal boundaries. I use images of couples to spread the message of self-love, encouraging people to overcome their fears and complexities.”

Because sometimes, sadness can threaten to drown you.

“With you, she touched the highest peaks only to feel vertigo as she struggled not to fall into the void. She learnt that emptiness was everything, and everything was nothing next to the ache of being lost. She is fragile, innocent and rests in peace, because with you, I learned that she is me.”

Bare it all.

“Then he stared at me, in that way he had never looked at me. But I knew what it meant, he was able to break all my bones without even touching me, opening a door to a void I never knew existed. And I became smaller and smaller as he stared at me – before I could say anything, I picked up my pieces and left.”

Give yourself time to heal.

I love this illustration because of how vulnerable and dark it is. Because after a bad day – isn’t this all of us? Just hoping for a better tomorrow?

Happiness needs to filter.

Because we spend so long being afraid of the storms that we forget the pure, unadulterated joy of dancing in the rain.

To a bond too powerful for this world.

“We merged in an almost ethereal mental catharsis… with whispers nearby, you drink from me. I drink from you. “

Let’s make a better world.

“More love and less politics, hatred, racism, xenophobia, sexism, animal abuse … so many things; but more love”
(With politics I mean propaganda, labels, sides, advertising, etc)

Every person is so much more than just one thing.

“If you bleed…I also bleed, your love and mine will reduce everything that causes you pain to ashes, if you bleed… I will be reflected in your feelings because this is our war. If you fall, you will rise, if hatred blinds you, together we will be light, because we are both one and all the same. The union makes the strength, not the domain, that does not help us. You do not bleed, I do not bleed, because my gender and yours love and respect. There are no distinctions, only freedom, respect, love. You no longer bleed, today the union wins.”

(This beautiful illustration was made in collaboration with @matusantamaria)

The untamed animal.

“And so one day you realise that against all odds, you turned around when the current was stronger than ever. You face that heartbreaking NO with a huge smile. You took your desire and your intention and fed the fearsome monster of your conscience to silence it forever. And so one day you realise that the effort to be yourself is worth it.

Do not be ashamed of your pain, no matter your gender.

“Listen to your tears – they will show you a way out and they will set you free.”

Do not let anyone make the rules for you.

“Sometimes, the best option is to choose to believe in yourself and have your own back, no matter what. Take risks.”

You can’t help who you fall for.

“Suddenly, that phrase in which you had never believed until it touched you has crossed your path: Neither the bad guys are that bad, nor the good ones are so good.”

Do not apologise for yourself.

I absolutely love this one because of how honest and untamed it is. I suppose it can represent different things to different people. To me, it represents embracing even the scary, wild parts of yourself. It represents loving the beast within you, in a world obsessed with beauty.

What a beautiful representation of love and the human body.

“I was so hungry for that dark minute with you…
that I had invented a formula to stop time,
to fill each one of your pores with desire of me,
to simmer.
I had my arms wide open so as not to leave out a piece of your body,
I wanted to kiss you, touch you,
I wanted to breathe…
I had programmed the rough sea for that night,
I was so hungry for that dark minute with you…”

Love breaks boundaries.

The only colour I know is that of love and respect. Choose to preserve your humanity! Choose diversity! Choose life!

Do not settle for less than you deserve.

“Since he appeared in my life, they always told me that I was lucky to have found someone like that, that he got the best out of me and completed me. Now I want to tell all those mouths that I never needed, that the best of me is EVERYTHING, that luck was mutual and above all that I am already complete.”

You can follow Maria’s amazing art on her Instagram, here.