11 Bollywood Movies You Can Watch ONLY When You’re Not Sober

Some movies are cinematic masterpieces. And then there are these.

Here are 11 films that are absolute gems when you aren’t exactly in your right mind.


10 minutes into this and you’ll be crying tears of joy. I have a feeling that not a single crew member was sober during the making of this scene that miraculously turned into a three-hour feature film.




Krrish 3

Kanagana Ranaut is a chameleon.
Hrithik Roshan plays the same role he played a decade ago.
Oh and also, there was never a Krrish 2.

This is an incredible watch for all those who want their brain matter to not be challenged at all.

MSG: The Messenger

This movie is funny until you sober up and realise that this “saint” has committed more crimes than you have fingers on both hands and is now in jail.



AAAHHHHH, my eyes!

AAAHHHHH, my brain!

AAAHHHHH, my soul!

Love Story 2050

I had forgotten that this movie existed for the longest time. Or maybe I truly never knew of it. But one Friday night I decided to stay indoors – and it changed my life.

Oh Piggy Chops. I wish Quantico was this entertaining!

Jaani Dushman

Your best friend for all the Saturday nights you decide to stay in.


Saif as a yellow-feathered chicken is the stuff that nightmares are made of.

Unless, you’re too high.
Then, it’s a dream come true!

A Flying Jatt

Don’t you ever wonder why we don’t have any female villains? Just pop Rakhi Sawant into this movie – no one is as entertaining as her!

RA. One

It’s incredible how the blues and reds intertwine.
And the fakes and the reals conjoin.

Once you’ve given this a try, you my friend will also believe, down in your very core, that RA. One was made for the not-so-sober nights.

Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag

I decided to save the best for last. 😀

This movie will burn into your subconscious and etch into your soul and light a zillion fires within!

Happy viewing!