17 Ads From The 90s That Will Take You On A Full Nostalgia Trip

Remember when our parents used to go full-on “humare zamaane mein” on us? Looks like we are no different.

Eighteen years into the new millennium, with social media blooming to its full glory, almost every day we come across someone who’s reminiscing about the 90s. Growing up makes you reflect on the era you live in in a different manner. And maybe that’s why, you always tend to miss the decade of your childhood. That’s why, the 90s are so dear to us.

Adding some more 90s magic to your day, here are a few ads that will take you back to that decade and leave you smiling.

Dhaara’s ‘Jalebi’ ad

We all fell in love with this little guy who left home citing no one loves him, and then came home drooling over mom-made Jalebis. Who wouldn’t?

This “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” style Pepsi ad, also featuring a teenaged Shahid.

SRK, Rani and Kajol in one frame, and the youth went crazy. Add to it “Yeh Dil Maange More”, and we didn’t mind how long this ad was. And yes, a gawky Shahid Kapoor is totally fan-boying over all of them.

When “School Time” just had one tune.

This jingle is almost burned into our memories. No matter the love-hate relationship we shared with school, new shoes and uniforms surely made a school day more exciting. And this ad was a reminder of the same.

When Nirma wasn’t just the washing powder Nirma.

Yep, it was a beauty soap too! And when Sonali Bendre advertised it with her beautiful smile, no one could not resist trying out the soap at least once!

The ad that made Cadbury “Kuch Khaas”.

We have always loved the Cadbury ads for their emotional appeal and the fervour they displayed around the time of festivals. But this ad of the 90s takes the cake for its jingle and beautiful picturisation. It was simply, love.

Preity’s entry as the “Liril girl”.

Those dimples, that smile! We immediately fell in love with this effervescent “Liril girl” who went on to make it big in Bollywood. Preity was so cute in the ad.

Another crunchy dose of Preity.

Soon after, we got Preity on our small screen again. This time, munching away at a crunchy Perk, amidst a hunger strike in college. She was wrong, but then who could say no to those apologetic dimples. Sigh!

Complan boy and girl.

For all of us who were mostly drinking Bournvita, Complan was a secret desire for it boasted a drastic increase in height. Add to it the cute duo of Shahid Kapoor and Ayesha Takia (though we did not know them then), and we simply wanted this health drink, if only to say – “I am a Complan Boy/Girl.”

Zandu Balm, without the Munni

We bet you can sing the jingle even before you hit the play button.

Why was the Onida guy so creepy?

Long before we ventured into watching Hollywood horror movies, the Onida guy creeped us out as he tried to pry out of our TV. Seriously, who would want to purchase this TV?

Go Gulliver with the Sundrop ad.

Wasn’t it everyone’s secret desire to be shrunk in size, just like Gulliver and just jump around as our mums made delicious food? This one fueled the fantasy.

Pan Parag and Shammi ji’s swag

Well, the man had swag long before it was cool to even use the word. And the Pan Parag ad was such, that we can still mouth the dialogues. Though endorsing of tobacco is bad, but then, maybe a little ignorant world was a better one.

The goosebump-y “Humara Bajaj”

Uniting middle-class families across the nation, this anthem of Bajaj scooters can give you goosebumps even now. And Bajaj promised “Buland Bharat ki Buland Tasveer” long before the politicians promised the same and spectacularly failed to do so.

“Badi Ghazab Bhook” with Maggi

Long before Maggi was banned and brought back again, it was indeed the 2-minute solution to all our hunger pangs!

The iconic “Lijjat Papad” ad.

There was nothing spectacular about this ad. Besides the fact that it was aired a lot of times in a day. But then, there were not many brands then, hence, limited advertising.

Tandurusti with Lifebuoy

The mantra of Lifebuoy has been the same ever since. “Lifebuoy hai jahan tandurusti hai wahan, Lifebuoy.”

You sang that, didn’t you?

“Choona Choona” feat. Fevicol.

This anthem was something which we crooned and still do inadvertently. “Choone ko jhadne se bachane wala chahiye.”

In comes the knight in shining glue, Fevicol.

Sigh! Those were the times my friend, those were the times.