10 Pakistani TV Shows That Showed Us That We Are All, In Fact, The Same

Movies, shows, music, plays…name it. Art is one thing that does not limit itself to nations and borders, something that is, in its truest sense – for everyone. This in turn is a clear example of how art has the power to bring people together, to show them the reality of their hearts. To show them that no matter what comes, the very honest core of our soul is still the same as the person next to us. That humanity lives, when everything else dies.


Hassan, an Independent-Pakistan supporter falls in love with Bano, a girl who comes from a pro-India family. Set during the time of the partition, this beautiful love story will make you realise that both countries lost more than they got out of the bloody mess.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Perhaps the best show on this list, this simple yet relatable story revolves around Kashaf – a woman who has built her name entirely by her own self, and needs no man to complete her. Then, she meets Zaroon – the quintessential college brat – and life unfolds.


A story of two sisters, Aimen and Saman, and what happens when the two confront each other. Feel like you’re the sibling that always gives and never gets? This will hit hard.


A love story decorated with simplicity and honesty, and all that goes down when the family intrudes and gets involved. This seems to be the problem in so many households, everywhere! Plus, Fawad’s face is always an added bonus! 🙂

Aunn Zara

​What happens when opposites get tied to each other in wedlock? Well, this! Miss it for nothing, friends.

Pyarey Afzal

“Jaane woh kaise log thhey, jinke pyaar ko pyaar mila.”

Afzal has been in love with Farah for as long as he can remember, but does it all unfold into a romantic pink tale? No spoilers, but it breaks you a little, this story.

Durr-e-Shehwar (Dhhoop Chhaon)

She envies her parents’ perfect marriage. And then her mother tells her the truth. Dhoop Chhaon hit the hearts of millions when it played on the Zindagi channel. And man, for good reason. Ya girl cried a little.

Dil-e-Muztar (Dil-E-Nadaan)

A love triangle that goes places it shouldn’t have. This show manages to bring the triangle right into home – inside the sacred domestic places. I’d recommend, tbh.

Kitni Girhain Baaki Hain

Something entirely new, this show is a collection of short stories (presented by our very own Kirron Kher in India) and each one gets you hooked like no other! The daily struggles of life + brilliant acting, this is solid entertainment.

Main Gunehgar Nahi (Ladki Hona Gunaah Nahin)

​A show that directly attacks the patriarchy that exists in our world (Yes, India and Pakistan EQUALLY). Victim shaming is still prevalent in society and this show calls it right out.