10 Things Most Men Do Wrong – And Don’t Even Realize

Hey, don’t be mad at me, alright? But someone’s gotta point it out. There are just so many things most men constantly propagate that result directly in strengthening the sickening patriarchy that is eating us all – including men. Just a list to remind us all. WOMEN, some of you do this TOO! Check required!

~MANSPLAINING~: Or explaining things in a condescending manner just because it’s a woman you’re talking to.

See, it is now a word because it is a legit problem. Men do tend to get very disrespectful in arguments with women, and talk to them with a weird sense of superiority. Giving well-performing, knowledgeable women advice on their own line of work? No-no. And that’s just one example. Check out this thread for more appalling ones.

Stereotype roles and give people sh!t for daring to look beyond it.

Know when dudes look at each other with questioning eyes when they walk into a room and see a female client? As if they aren’t sure she’s the person they’re here to meet with? Yep, has happened with me. Multiple times!

Period-shaming and dismissing emotions with “Stop PMSing!”

Ladies, raise your hand UP if a man has ever dismissed your emotions, citing it’s “that time of the month”. NOT COOL. To disregard a person’s opinions simply with an “Are you PMSing?” remark is rude, insensitive and completely unacceptable. Rest assured, of the two people in conversation, the one who deals with bloodbaths every month probablyyyy knows more about thinking rationally about life’s everyday issues than you. No?

Double standards when it comes to sexuality.

Because every girl you break up with is now a “slut”. Every girl who has ever openly expressed her desires (as opposed to, say, quietly following the man’s orders) is “impure”. While men? They can indulge in all sorts of crazed fantasies, but do we judge them? You guessed it.

Body-shaming like people’s confidence is a mere joke.

It’s the easiest way patriarchy has found to control women, and we often become tools in propagating it further to bring down women. First, we make them feel like they need to look a certain way, and though most women (like men) are a part of this problem, it affects women way more. Fat-shaming people, making them feel small for how they look – are we really that shallow? Even fat-shaming banter isn’t funny. Just. Not. Funny.

Objectifying women, like, every day.

Because it is okay to treat women like sexual objects, right? Talking about a girl and calling her a “piece of a**”, that’s not just derogatory, but very dehumanizing. Are we really stooping that low?

Calling things “feminine”/ “gay” as if that means they’re “bad”.

Again, as if anything not a 100% macho male = not worthy of respect. What the hell, right? How often do you look at a dude wearing pink and call them effeminate – as if, as if that’s even a bad thing??? Gay, so WOT? Girly? So WOT BROTHER??? 🙂

Refusing to acknowledge the daily sexism that exists in the world.

Just gonna leave this tweet here. ^

Assuming they know what it is to be a woman, and talking about it.

Telling women how to behave, what to wear, how to talk, when to get married, when to have a baby – what’s best for them. Your intentions might be, well, WHATEVER, but the point is, you do NOT have a say. No uterus, no opinion, amirite?

Saying “I don’t see the need for it ‘cuz I’m not like that” when it comes to feminism.

Because if you still can’t step off your privilege and see why all the women in the world are actively demanding a feminist society, what are you busy with? And if you do understand the importance, why aren’t you helping spread the word?

The world is changing, and we need to too. Let’s do the right things, and start at home!