17 Beautiful Movies That Taught Me A Thing Or Two About Real Love

Ever since we’ve been introduced to cinema, we’ve found people running around in meadows, with their dupattas flying behind them, being chased by a dude in too-tight pants. Well, we now know real love is so NOT any of that.

There are no firecrackers lighting up the sky or violins playing in the background when you first meet them. Nope. So many times, we pass by our soulmates thinking there could never have been a future with them. Sometimes it takes years to figure out that the one person you call your best friend, is actually the one you should be spending your life with.

Not all movies display love by having women dance in sarees and halter blouses. And not all of them have a happy ending. But these 17 movies DID show me what actual love looks like.

When Harry Met Sally

The theme of this romantic chartbuster is this – “A man and a woman cannot just be friends”. Meet Harry and Sally, two best friends who go around dating every potential lover trying to find “the one”. However, 33 years and a LOT of dates later, they realise “the one” they were looking for was right in front of them.

Dil Chahta Hai

Three best friends who share totally different ideologies on love. One, a player. Another, who does not want to emotionally invest in a relationship because he does not believe in the so-called L word. And the last one, who has no boundaries when it comes to loving someone with all his heart. Three different love stories that showed me, love is as human as the heart that beats within each of us.

Pretty Woman

This movie really opened my eyes to the way society sets standards to tell you if you are loveable or not. Julia Roberts plays an American hooker who stumbles upon Richard Gere, the “perfect” gentleman. Rich, famous and someone who can have any lady he likes, his walls start to crumble when he pays Julia to be around him for more than just one night.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Katrina’s character is that of a self-aware individual who knows exactly what she wants from her relationships and is not ready to settle for anything lesser. And then you have Hrithik Roshan, someone who has to learn to strike a balance between ambition and love. While Abhay Deol struggles to give in to a marriage he’s not completely convinced about.

10 Things I Hate About You

Cameron can’t date Bianca because he has to wait for her older sister Kat to find a boyfriend first. So he then pays one of his seniors to charm Kat and be her pretend-boyfriend. But Kat isn’t your typical damsel in distress and that’s what Heath Ledger is about to find out. All in all, here’s a love story that dumps all those notions of ‘happy ever afters’.

Hum Tum

I know this movie is basically an epitome of gender stereotypes, but it is also a tale of love and loss. It’s also a tale about knowing that love comes to you in the form of a person you least expect to be in love with.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

It is one of the most phenomenal love stories I have come across. It isn’t the happy, sappy sorts. It’s real. A story where two humans learn to celebrate their flaws and try to overcome every obstacle because they genuinely want to be together. This movie should be your next must-watch.

Love Aaj Kal

The movie starts by highlighting the casual hook-up culture of our millennial times. Deepika and Saif decide to split up and even have a “break-up” party after being together for a year. But when they shift cities, they try hard to immerse themselves in their own lives only to realise they actually do love each other.

Before Sunrise

All those questions you’ve had about what love supposed to be like are dissected and debated over in this film. One of the most Ah-ma-zing modern romances, the Before Sunrise series will make you actually question your idea of a soulmate.


There is heartbreak and then there is finding love, all over again. Both happen with Ranbir’s character in this movie. A story that tells you love does not subscribe to your list of “should-bes’ but surprises you in the best ways you can imagine. This movie is definitely in the top 3 of this list for me.


Well, well. Juno is everything you thought was “dainty” and “nice” about love, thrashed and totally turned upside down. Ellen Page makes you laugh, cry and think about the things you consider a “given” when it comes to love.

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

A boy whose dreams are his life and a girl he loves. Deepika and Ranbir crack open the quintessential question in this movie: Do you chase the life you want or give it up for love?

Silver Linings Playbook

Pat (Bradley Cooper) lost everything, his house, job and wife and now finds himself living with his parents. Pat is determined to reunite with his wife but meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) instead and things get complicated. A beautiful, unexpected bond forms between them and a silver lining appears for the both of them.

Socha Na Tha

Here are two youngsters who don’t want to get married. But as usual, the girl’s family does not give her the choice and the boy simply loves another girl who does not belong to his caste. Aisha and Abhay then make a pact to just be friends and not get married. But love has other plans.

La La Land

You can love someone and still not be with them. La La Land is one of the most beautiful, heart-breaking love stories of the 21st century and absolutely deserved ALL those Oscars.

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

We’ve all aww-ed during this movie, multiple times. And we all believe that sometimes our best friends are our soulmates. We just have to take a detour before we actually SEE this, sometimes a little later than we’d like to have discovered this.

Valentine’s Day

If you don’t believe in the day of love, hurrah! Because here’s a mash up of six love stories, all questioning your preconceived ideas about what relationships and forevers are supposed to be.