Here’s What Your Dream Means – According To COMMON SENSE!

If you’ve ever woken up and said to yourself, “what the f**k was that dream?”, you’re definitely not alone.

Dreams can be wacky and confusing AF. But um, some dreams are kinda…giving you a major hint, no? Like, if you dreamed that you turned into Shaktiman, got married to Dhinchak Pooja by Donald Trump, as Tunak Tunak Tun played in the background, that’s weird. I got nothing to say to you.

But some of those dreams are kinda simple, dude. Really. Provided you don’t wanna live in that lil’ bubble of denial.

Always running…away

Umm, you kinda know what this means, don’t ya? You gotta stop running away from your problems, buddy.

Also, the police. Don’t run away from the police. They don’t arrest you for stealing your coworker’s lunch.


Really? You’re broke AF and literally “drowning” in debt and you have NO idea what this means?

Pfff. Gimme a break.

Frikkin’ spiders

Seeing icky things like spiders in your dreams? It’s obviously cause you got something icky happening in your life too.

You can get rid of it, man, don’t worry.
Unless that icky thing is you.

*awkward silence*

Goddarn frikkin’ snakes!

You wanna get attacked by snakes? No? Well, who does?

It probably means you’ve got a slimy-ass person in your life and you don’t wanna have to deal with them. But then, who does?

Basically you’re not special.

Falling, falling, falling

You keep falling in your dreams all the time cause you feel like you have no control over life.

Just like you have no control over your drinking. Which is why you keep falling in real life too.

You find yourself butt naked…in public

Ooooh, good one! There are so many things this could mean.

It could mean that you don’t like the way you look. OR it could mean you don’t want people to see the real you – cause you know it’s boring and they won’t like it. Figuring out your issues are fun, eh?

You’re trapped!

Really? You want an explanation for this one?

Well, where do I start? That job you hate or that relationship you can’t get out of?

The world ending around you

Well, duh!

With all the shit that’s been going down in the world lately, can you really blame your brain for coming up with this one?


If you keep seeing the same person as a vampire, you literally have a horrifying, blood-sucking, toxic AF person in your life, dude.

If you keep seeing Edward from Twilight, you need to read better books.

Being late for something reeeeally important

You have, you are and will always be late for something reeeeally important.

Your friends have given up on you showing up on time.

Everyone at work wonders how you’ve managed to keep your job.

That’s what it means.


You signed up for that year-long gym membership and swore off carbs.

But you haven’t once shown your face at that “torture chamber”, and have been ordering in pizzas all week.

There’s your monster right there. Don’t worry, it’s more out of shape than you are.

You scream, and nothing comes out

You kinda wanna scream at everyone around you. All the time. Every day. But you can’t. Cause then you’ll have no friends. And you’ll get fired from your job.

Your brain has forgotten how to scream. Even in your dreams.

There, there.

You need to pee but can’t find a bathroom

Your brain is basically telling you, “dude, you aren’t even able to do something as basic as peeing. Your life is a mess. Get yo shit together”.

Or it’s telling you to wake up cause you really have to pee. I don’t know, but you shouldn’t take your chances.

That dream about your partner cheating on you

Awh come on. It’s just a dream!

But why would your brain even come up with that?

NAAAHH! It’s just a dream. Right?


That sex dream you don’t wanna talk about

Everyone has sex dreams. So unless it’s some sort of illegal, unspeakable, horrifying stuff, there’s nothing it says about you, dude.

Except that you’re not getting laid. And that you’re lonely AF.

Meeting your favourite actor or actress…and getting rejected by them

Congratulations. Your brain knows (and wants you to know) just how out of their league you are.

If that seems like a very specific dream, well… it is. Hugh Jackman turned me down. Again. He was married in my dream too. WTF, brain?