23 Things You’ll Get If Overthinking Is Your Biggest Problem

Let’s begin from the beginning. Oh wait, that’s not possible because your brain is constantly in a loop of thoughts. So there’s no particular beginning as such. And of course, no end, since we chronic overthinkers really can’t put a pause to our brains.

Having said that, it’s not a pleasant situation to have zero control over what you think, how you think or where you think it.

And that’s exactly why you’ll totally agree with these 20 things.

Your brain is always on overdrive.

Once a thought pops up in your head, it branches out into a million more.

Up until a point where you forget why you began thinking about something anyway.

Primarily, all the worst possibilities of any given situation pop up in your head.

And you try super hard to think positive, but in vain.

Your brain is wired to presume the worst and eventually it always wins.

You wonder if there is ever going to be a day when you can “pause” your thoughts for a bit.

Because they can be too distracting when you’re trying to focus.

People think overthinking is just something you can get over with, but you know better.

Even a tiny thing can become a ginormous affair because you’ve put so much unnecessary time and attention into it.

That’s also why you probably react way more extremely than other people.

For you it’s either all good or all bad, because your brain thinks in extremes.

You’ve considered meditating just to detach yourself from the constant whir of thoughts.

Overthinking is super tiring and you feel super exhausted, to say the least.

You know you’re overthinking a situation, but you still can’t help it.

You overthink anyway.

Generally, you speed-dial your BFF when things inside your head blow out of proportion.

Talking to someone who has a more balanced way of thinking helps you get out of that unpleasant trail of thought.

But you really wish you had the knack of helping yourself.

You live more inside your head than outside it.

All in all, it’s a very unpleasant place to be in since your brain is mostly just worrying.

But hey, at least you’re prepared for the worst!

Which usually never happens…