15 Cute But Sexy Date Night Ideas For Your Bae And You

Well, we all reach a point in our relationships where coming up with something “new” to do every time we hang out with bae becomes a ginormous task. Hmph! We want to do something fun and still keep it within the budget (or at least we try to).

Sometimes, the on-the-go fancy dinners seem to be the perfect answer or just heading to catch a movie is the best way to while away a Wednesday night. But dinners and movie can only be a once-in-a-fortnight deal before boredom seeps in. And before you hit the “what do we do this time” moment once more, these 15 date night ideas come in as your knights in shining armors.

1. Take a night time stroll on the beach.

I think an impromptu walk on the beach is exactly what you need when you’ve both had an exceptionally long day at work. The soothing sounds of the waves, with the combined magic of holding hands calms you like nothing else.

2. Wine tasting and holding hands in the vineyards.

Long weekend on the horizon? Why not head out of town with bae to taste some wine and walk through never ending rows of grapes? Of course stealing kisses is a part of the deal.

3. A picnic somewhere just outside the city.

If your wallet does not allow a mini vacation, you could always opt to go on a picnic somewhere right outside the city. Pack up some sandwiches, cookies and soda along with a soft blanket for both you and bae to cuddle under after.

4. Take a pottery classes together.

Learning pottery with bae is as sexy as it can get. Nothing like molding soft, plush clay into your own crockery while sneaking some kisses from bae.

5. Kick back on Friday night with some kickboxing.

If pottery is just dang boring for the two of you, go ahead and build some muscle. Drop the Friday drinking scenes and go kick some real ass with a kickboxing class.

6. Cook up some pasta and watch the “Before Sunrise” series.

When the week gets tough, you bring in the pasta. Cook some glorious spaghetti together or some Penne, if that’s how you like it. Curl up on the sofa and watch one of the most romantic series of movies.

7. Stroll through the city and photograph the street art.

Don’t hit snooze and get in your track pants. Hit the artsy side of town and click a lot of pictures of all that street sass. Of course, early mornings are perfect for timely hugs too.

8. Head to a farmers’ market and buy groceries together.

It may seem like an odd suggestion, but a farmers’ market is an explosion of color, sound and smell. Book one of your Sundays for grocery shopping and get the REAL deal.

9. Take a salsa dance class and dress up for it.

Nothing better to turn up the mood than social dance. Sign up for a salsa or a jive class with bae and dress the part.

10. Have a sleep-in Sunday with a lot of cuddles.

In the mood to do nothing at all? Perfect! Just sleep-in and cuddle. A LOT.

11. Begin your day with some making out and breakfast in bed.

Begin your day with some slow kissing followed by breakfast in bed (including a pot of hot coffee).

12. Go to a book sale and gift each other books.

YAS! There’s no better gift than a book!

13. Play twister and get tangled for real.

Build up the moment to your kiss by having some Twister fun. This game is exactly what you need when you’re craving some laughs followed by some cute but tangled embraces.

14. Bake brownies together on a Saturday.

After pottery, I recommend this as the perfect sequel to your make out sesh.

15. Visit a local art festival

Besides being a great experience, it is also an easy excuse to take some beautiful pictures together.