10 Things I Want To Say To All Those Who Feel Too Much

You know, the world is progressing. But somehow, feelings aren’t being seen as part of that progressive world. We are constantly made to feel like we need to “calm TF down” and “not make a big deal” out of things. Now if you’re a person like me, you’ll find that hard to do. Feel too much? Here’s what I learnt about having an overly sensitive heart, and you should too.

Being sensitive is a power, you have to learn to get the good out of it.

You’re blessed, for you can understand people like nobody else can. Reach out and help.

This also means that people won’t understand you. And that’s frustrating, but find the peace within.

Crying too hard or laughing too loud – these are magical human expressions. Never let yourself feel embarrassed for it.

Those who tell you to “calm TF down” are simply afraid of the grandness of you.

The more you feel, the more you live. Be unafraid.

Don’t box your feelings. Let it out – fear no judgement.

I know rejection stings hard, but know that it isn’t always about you. Sometimes, things just aren’t meant to be.

Channel your thoughts. Write them down. What’s the one thing you can’t control? Pinpoint it.

Lastly, trust your feelings. What you feel is your most honest truth. Follow it.