21 Things You’ll Relate To If You’re A Nice Person With A Bad Temper

This one’s straight from the heart. I’ve been an angry kid. I was smart, happy and super-friendly, but when my anger neurons were tampered with, I’d be the ugliest human to watch. To be honest, I am a super-loving person, the kind that roams around lending free hugs, but I do have anger issues. Well, not as bad as I did when I was a child.

So you won’t consider it totally absurd if I feel like my personality is split in two: one part sparkles and stardust, the other filled with anger bubbles and thoughts of almost-murder. If you’re a genuinely nice person with a bad temper, these 21 things will make you feel understood.

Your general personality is that of a unicorn farting rainbows.

But it’s very easy to trigger you.

And when something does get beneath your skin, you’re torn between staying nice and lashing out.

There is no middle ground for you – it’s either pissed-off or cool-as-a-cucumber.

To be honest, you HATE being mad.

Because it’s so NOT who you are generally.

You can be a total bitch when you’re pushed to the point of biting someone’s head off.

You’ve totally imagined beating the shit out of people you’re mad at.

You try super-hard to not actually do the above.

Once someone is in your bad books, you don’t want to see their face ever again.

No matter how big a light-worker you are, even unicorns have their limits.

You’ve been an angry child and very few people know about this.

You’ve worked way too much on your anger to let it get the better of you.

But it does, because there isn’t any shortage of assholes on this planet.

You have to literally bite your tongue to not spit out a slew of the meanest sentences at times.

And actually move physically away from the scene to calm yourself down (and not burn the place down).

Try as you might, you cannot really be nice to someone who’s a douche-bag.

Even though your core values are all about kindness and unconditional acceptance.

Your family and your closest friends are the only ones you’re truly comfortable with when it comes to showing the full magnitude of your wrath.

You’re also afraid that people might just leave you when they actually witness your anger.

No matter how nice you are otherwise. (Hell, this is your biggest insecurity).