18 Things They Told You About Turning 30 That Are Actually NOT True

Against popular belief, turning 30 is NOT the end of life, neither is it a full stop to the good old days. When we’re just on the cusp of our 20s, we see 30 as this imaginary figure that holds the fulfillment of all our aspirations. We visualise ourselves with a nice, fat home we’ve bought ourselves, a cozy relationship with our future partner and probably half-naked kids running around the house.

Snapping you out of your reverie comes reality. Through your 20s you slowly being to realise you’ve got these unrealistic expectations for yourself and if you don’t hurry, you’re going to miss the train of your ambitions. However, I asked a bunch of people who’ve hit the third decade of their lives and they bust some major myths about living in your 30s. Hopefully these 19 things can lend you a little more perspective and let you know what to expect.

1. If you’re not married, you’re going to be forever alone.

It’s like all the buzzers in the world start ringing around 25, asking you to find someone you can spend the rest of your life with. However, not being married in your 30s is not a curse or a “must have”.

2. You’re too old to pursue your dreams.

Hell, no! Prime example of someone who woke up to follow their dreams when they were 44? Boman Irani. Yes, the same Bollywood actor we’ve ALL come to love.

3. You CANNOT wear certain things.

You can totally wear whatever you want. Edging into your 30s does not limit your wardrobe choices in anyway. Stop listening to those neighbourhood aunties!

4. You’ve achieved self-mastery (ummm… sure!)

We all think we’re going to switch into “inner peace” level #1000 when we touch 30. However, you’re still not going to have life figured out. There will always be something you need to learn, to cope with or to maneuver your way around.

5. Your current job is the one you’re going to remain stuck in for the rest of your life.

You have as much freedom to try out a new career option in your 30s as you did earlier. In fact, you now have the financial backing and foundation for you to hop careers without going broke.

6. The “adventure” in you is dying a slow death.

Heartfelt disagreement to the above statement. Rather, like a bunch of humans (all 30+) have told me, your sense of adventure increases, starts getting further refined.

7. You have plenty of money and can afford all that you want.

Not every 30-year-old is financially stable. It depends on the nature of the job/career and is relatively subjective in nature.

8. You grow a “paunch” and start sprouting chin hair.

Relax! You can be fitter than any 20-year-old and your age does not really determine your fitness levels. Sure, your body does alter, but it does not restrict you in any drastic way.

9. There is one clear path to living in life and you’re on it.

30s open the door to so many perspectives. And you begin to see that there is no one, set path for living a good life. There are as many varied ways to live as the humans around us and all of them are beautiful.

10. You start saying goodbye to “fun” and hello to “old age”.

I don’t know who even put this in our head that 30 is the beginning of old age. Then what are the 50s and 60s for?

11. You finally succeed at toning down the number of drinks you consume.

Well, well. Forget drawing sensible boundaries to your drinking. All the practice you’ve had drinking and dealing with hangovers in your 20s, might just let you indulge in extra rounds!

12. Your goals and ambitions from your 20s still stick through.

No, because as Muhammad Ali said,

“The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.”

13. You also bid a slow and painful farewell to your sex drive.

In fact, you have the best sex of your life in your 30s. The only difference is, your hormones are not on the top of your priority list.

14. You will drift away from your friends because you’ll get less time to spend together.

As you move into your 30s, you realise that meeting less frequently is not the same thing as drifting away. You end up making more well thought out plans, making your trips more memorable and enjoyable.

15. You’re not going be as dashing as you were in your 20s.

Again, a myth. You could turn out to be the next George Clooney, who knows?

16. You’ll make peace with your grey hairs.

You won’t. So don’t expect yourself to be Yoda about it. Just scream and yell if that’s what you feel like doing.

17. You won’t need your mum as much as you did.

You’ll ALWAYS need your mum as much as you do now.

18. You’ll turn out to be super organised.

Not necessarily. If you’re a messy human, 30s aren’t going to work a spell on you to suddenly turn you into Monica Geller.