31 Beautiful, Raw Photos That Prove No One Does Weddings Like Us Indians!

I grew up watching waaaaaaay too many romantic movies. Movies that had me wishing for a fancy, foreign, white wedding. But then I actually started attending weddings and I quickly realised that traditional Indian weddings, with all their fun, music and colours is where the REAL goals are at. See, Indian weddings aren’t just a celebration of love – they’re a celebration of family, of lifetimes spent together, of fun, promises and new beginnings. They’re everything weddings are supposed to be, and honestly – they make me want to have one even though I’M NO WHERE CLOSE TO READY. AT ALL.


Let love lift you up.

Let’s be fools in love.

Tradition and romance.

Let the happiness melt your heart.

The big, fat (happy) Indian wedding.

Some bonds can never be broken.

To moving on.

It’s not legendary unless your friends are there to see it.

To sweet beginnings.

And best friends.

Some moments live forever.

Your friends are your soulmates.

What’s love without laughter?

Love comes in many shades.

I do.

Find someone you can be silly with.

This says so much.

Family lasts a lifetime.

What’s an Indian wedding without some dhamaka?

Coyness and smiles.

To celebrating the past.

And the future.


A moment that shines.

A heartbreakingly beautiful moment.

Culture and modern romance.

A perfect moment.

Getting a new family, but never forgetting the one you grew up with.

Smiling faces everywhere.

First dances and many more “firsts”.