15 Tiny Poems That Say More About Love Than You Or I Ever Could

C.Churchill’s poetry is not for everyone. First up, it’s brutally honest. She doesn’t hide or cower behind her words. Her feelings are loud and she says them like she means it. Secondly, they are superbly powerful. And they’re not just for women. Her love poems can hit you right in the feels, even with your guard up.

However, there lies an undercurrent of delicate emotion in all of her work. And if you have someone who’s everything you ever wanted when it comes to love, you should totally be dedicating these 15 poems to them. They are sure to make your lover hug you close and not let you go, ever.

Coffee talks.

All there is, is you.

How could it be anything else?

Muse and musings.


Armour stripped apart.

And it’s you.

And then, I found you.

The power of us.

Yes, please.

Thank you.

Our eyes say it all.

Your arms and the quiet.

No more pauses. We are whole.

Immerse yourself in someone