11 Outfits That Are Perfect For Every Kind Of Date (Including Sundays And Cuddles)

Dates are fun. They’re also ever so slightly stressful, because WHAT DO YOU WEAR? I mean, malls have a whole plethora of outfits that will basically, just end up confusing the hell out of even the best shoppers. But then, I found StalkBuyLove, and that made my life SO much easier. It’s got the BEST clothes that I can buy from the comfort of my home, while getting a facial all in preparation for that date. What about those different kinds of dates though? Let this help you out.

The ‘casual’ first date, aka, the date for which you want to look effortlessly stylish and pretty

So go for exactly that. Pretty, stylish, but still comfortable and casual. If you’re a die-hard romantic, then go for a flirty, red dress and a pair of killer heels. Of course, if dresses aren’t your thing, then play it cool with a colorful crop-top and palazzos, because that’s a look you can NEVER go wrong with.

The ‘surprise’ date – you know, when you don’t know where you’re going because bae has planned and wants you to be pleasantly surprised

The fact that bae has taken the effort to plan out a ‘surprise’ date clearly indicates that ‘casual’ isn’t the theme of love anymore. So go all out here, but stick to comfortable because you don’t know WHAT you’re going to be doing. A pair of comfortable, yet flattering jeans and a feminine, light blouse to go with those flattering jeans just might do the trick here.

The fun, outdoorsy, picnic

Go sensible, but cute here. Of course, put special emphasis on sensible, because it doesn’t matter HOW great you look if you’re uncomfortable. So a pair of stylish, yet practical shorts is perfect for this. Pair it with a simple, classic off-shoulder top, and you’re good to go.

The beach date

Of course, this date calls for a cute swimsuit AND something cute to wear over the swimsuit. Then there’s the issue of still being comfortable in your swimsuit while feeling sexy. I know this sounds overwhelming, but once you get the basics right, it’s simple. A oh-so-sexy one piece swimsuit, complete with the perfect combination of vintage and modern-day fashion. A short, lacey cover-up is the thing to wear during that romantic down-time on the beach – and voila, you have the perfect outfit.

The brunch date

Classy, cute, and modern – that’s brunch summed up in 3 words. And that’s exactly what the perfect brunch date outfit is. Swapping your morning jammies for a classic, yet sexy little black skirt with a subtle, yet adorable knotted top is the perfect combination for those brunch dates.

The intimate, stay at home candle light dinner

Go all out here. In every way. Amp up the sexiness and the romance with your outfit. Get inspired by Angelina Jolie and literally every other star out there and show those legs off in a gown with a thigh-high slit. Extra marks for choosing red.

The classic dinner and a movie date

You can’t exactly go to the movies in your best dress, so the smartest thing to do here to slip on your favourite pair of jeans, trousers, or shorts and a dressy top. All the while, keeping it on the everyday, casual side of things. You can of course, amp up the fun with pair of bright, checkered pants and an adorably simple bralet. The perfect combination of girly and fun.

The clubbing/ meet at a bar date

Let your party animal out with this. Bring on all the shine and glitz that you have. A classic here would be a shiny, little black dress which really, is a classic for a reason. If that’s not your thing, then you can always go for a sequined, short playsuit because that’s comfortable, dressy, and sexy – perfect date material.

The gaming date

The date that brings out the competitive side in couples. And honestly, this is one of my favourite dates. You NEED to be comfortable enough to beat bae in EVERY competitive game here, and also look as badass as you feel. So swap those dresses for a pair of rebellious ripped jeans, and add that extra bit of uniqueness by going for…you guessed it, embroidered ripped jeans. Pair it with a a statement-making, yet comfy top and those can’t do without you’re ready to win.

The ‘Netflix and chill’ date

An impossibly ‘modern’ date, this one is for those nights of stay-in, comfy romance that follows the binge-watching of your favourite show. So go with something you can sleep in (or out of, wink wink) like a pair of kinda-dressy, yet comfy joggers and a cute sweatshirt and you’re good to Netflix and chill till your body turns sore from all the ‘chilling’.

The anniversary date

Now for this, entertain every OTT part of you. And honestly, look as princess-y as you’ve ever wanted to look on these dates, because well…they literally come once a year. Long gowns, feminine hues, shine, sparkle- let it all loose. And a rose-coloured, sequined, off shoulder dress? Well that’s all you need. That, and bae.

This article is written in partnership with StalkBuyLove.com