23 Easy Lighting Ideas To Make Your Room Look Breathtakingly Beautiful

I always thought redecoration was an elaborate process. That making your room look better would involve tonnes of research and money. But then I discovered lighting – not those normal LED lights and tube lights. I’m talking about economical, beautiful lights that if used the right way, can change everything. And honestly, I never looked back since then.

Bottle up your fairy lights in old jars and turn them into your very own magical lamps.

Or you could use a textured jar and get beautiful shadows on your walls.

Or just put them carelessly around your flowers and vases, because fairylights make EVERYTHING better.

Mix up your lighting by combining paper lamps, fairy lights AND candles (if you’re in the mood).

If you’ve got an indoor garden, then you can add to it with circular lamps that look like mushrooms!

You can also go beautifully crazy by putting them literally all over your room with simple DIY projects.

Or you can go ~artsy~ with strings of bulbs falling easily down your walls, into your favourite things.

If you’re into subtlety, then one statement making, eye-catching light in the corner of your favourite things can make ALL the difference.

Or you could just bring colour + happiness into your room with woven string lights that you can put ANYWHERE.

If you’re really into bright colours, then this formation of woven lamps will make your room look like the setting sun.

Ditch the photo frames and string them up with fairy lights – make your best memories look the best.

I finally have a reason to drink more – to make these absolutely beautiful alcohol bottle lamps, DUH!

Into antiques? Well then go fill your antique containers up with fairy lights, and make your room your favourite place.

Draw attention to your favourite pieces of art with… you guessed it – FAIRY LIGHTS!

If you’re in the technicolour mood, then fill your old alcohol bottles up with colourful lights and stare at them all night long.

Combine string-lights with a rugged, boho chic look and drape them behind your bed for a warm, absolutely lit room.

Write your favourite words on your wall, then make them look lit.

You can also always hang bulbs right above your table and feel like you’re in the woods.

Make a canopy of fairy lights and sleep under the stars.

Or you could just drape it around old objects in your house and repurpose them.

Fairy lights + boho chic + lamp? Sign me up!

If you’re not into strings of fairy lights for your photos, then you could just try this single string of lights and series of Polaroids.

Draw attention to those fancy high ceilings with… you guessed it – LIGHTS!