We Asked 12 People About Their Funniest Break-Up Stories – Here’s What They Said!

Break-ups. They hurt at the time, they really do. But as time passes by, so many of the things that seemed nothing short of heartbreaking back then turn into really, really hilarious stories.

Now we know the value of a good comic story, which is why, yes, of course, we went around asking people about the funniest break-up story they had to share. Here’s what we heard:

1. Ruth, 21

My teenage boyfriend tried to climb up the window to my room, well, because Bollywood. He fell hard, my parents had to take him to the hospital, and while he didn’t break any bones, we definitely broke up right after.

2. Raj, 19

She said she didn’t like me playing video games because they were “too violent”. And that shooting people like that was against her philosophy in life.

3. Sara, 27

It wasn’t so much a break-up as it was a heartbreak. There was a super cute senior in college I had a huge crush on. He walked into my elective literature class one day and sat right next to me! Of course, within minutes, I’d already come up with a million ways to get to know him throughout the semester.

Turns out he’d walked into the wrong class. He walked out of that classroom and my hopeless fantasy forever.

4. Nitin, 27

Well, it isn’t really my breakup story, but it was awkward as hell. I was friends with both of them, and all three of us were sitting on a single bench in a public park. There was a huge showdown, loads of tears, screams and apologies on either side of me. And I, the third wheel, was literally sitting in the middle of the whole thing.

5. Anushka, 25

I told him I’d gone out drinking with friends the night before. He started crying and told me that it’s like he doesn’t even know me anymore. No, seriously, he cried because I went out drinking. I couldn’t get that bizarre reaction out of my mind and broke up with him a week later.

6. Alankrita, 23

I broke up with him over WhatsApp. He replied with the “thumbs up” emoji. If only break-ups were always as fun as this.

7. Arunab, 29

She would stalk every single female friend I had and keep tabs on their whereabouts. She said it was because she liked being “like a mother to them”. My friends were uncomfortable, and I was deeply embarrassed. It had to end.

8. Aditya, 24

She told me she couldn’t be with me because I was bald. She’d encouraged me to shave my head just the month before.

9. Nikita, 21

He said he had tried to “adjust” but that he absolutely hated my dog. It was a no-brainer. I will choose my doggo over a guy any day.

10. Frida, 25

It started as a Pizza vs Pasta debate and I’m not sure how, but it turned into a full-fledged argument with insults and character attacks. There was no alcohol involved. We got tired of the whole thing, and broke up right away. I still laugh at the randomness of it all!

11. Punit, 23

We were 16. She had a dream that I’d cheated on her with her best friend. They are still best friends, but for some reason, at the time she thought it best to break up with me right after. Because of a dream!

12. Varun, 30

We had been dating for a week when she said our personalities were not compatible based on our zodiac signs. Fair enough, until she told me that it was based on what her best friend believed. Which was based on what her best friend’s mother had told her, or something like that. Too complicated. I bowed out before it got wackier.

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