This Beautiful, Moving Poem Will Break And Then Mend Your Lonely Heart

Let’s talk about relationships. Not the rom-com inspired relationships. Real ones. You know, those that start with uncertain ‘hellos’ and polite conversations about the weather. And then move on to ‘You’re like that too? I thought I was the only one!’ . Of course, this is usually followed by the tumbling-out of secrets and the conversations that you don’t think will ever end. The thing is that relationships like these are few and far between.

Most of us long for them – for something that’ll fill the void of that unacknowledged loneliness. So when I came across Jidnya Pandya’s spoken word poem ‘One Less Lonely Night, my cynical heart skipped a beat. Performed in association with Spill Poetry, this video became to me about those first ever 4am conversations. Not with someone you’re hoping to fall in love with, but just a person…any person. And perhaps that’s the beauty of art – it can take whatever shape you want it to. Honestly, guys, this one turned me into a giant ball of mush, and I’m not even ashamed.