31 Beautifully Intricate Mehendi Designs You’ll Fall In Love With

I’ve always loved mehendi. It was literally my favourite thing about weddings till I found out that Parsis, traditionally, don’t really wear mehendi. Of course, that didn’t stop me from getting it done whenever I could. So I decided to stalk every mehendi page I could find on social media and find photos that filled my soul with glee. And also, you’re welcome.

*Replaces arm tattoo with this*

The perfect balance of elaborate and simple.

The only reason I want to get married, sigh.

Can we all just agree that well done mehendi is the best thing ever?

Seriously, though.

Literally the only thing I’d sit in the same place for hours for.

Some people draw stick figures, while some people…do this.

How is this so beautiful?



Perfection, part 2.

Black and white makes for beautiful and breathtaking.

*Wants this done* *Realizes this requires patience* *Wants it done anyway*

This is so satisfying to look at.

Breath = taken away.

Remember that thing I said about black and white?

You don’t need to get married for mehendi like this. *Note to self*

Simplicity in intricacy.

Innovation on tradition.

. . . @inefaza . . .

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Hello, I’d like to order two of these please.

This too.

White henna is quickly becoming my favourite thing.

Mehendi for the minimalists.

*Gets a pedicure in anticipation of this*

Wow, just wow.

I don’t even have words to describe this.

This is just stunning.

How did she have the patience to sit for this? Totally worth it, though.

I never thought jeans would go with mehendi…

Honestly, guys, I CANNOT STOP LOOKING.

Told you this would make you fall in love.