27 Adorable Illustrations About Those Tiny, Sweet Moments Of Love

While some of us crave a larger-than-life romance, some of us just want a fairy tale of little things packed with a LOT of love. If you fall in the latter category, Young Joo Kim’s characters, Soso and Haru, will fill your heart up with eons of fuzz. Capturing the daily moments shared between a couple, the artist’s mostly-monochrome illustrations range from holding hands to stealing kisses on the street.

Her art pins down the simplest, sweetest moments of love and these 27 are bound to make your day.

1. It’s too much fun to hold hands under sweatshirts.

#소소한하루 #sosoharu . 추운데 손은 잡고싶었다

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2. There’s nothing quite like starting your day together.

3. No client meetings can stop you from fooling around with her.

4. Heading up to the terrace to watch the moon and the stars.

#소소한하루 #sosoharu . 추석연휴 잘 보내세요 🙂

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5. You dream about her when you fall asleep.

6. You wake up and miss him bad when he’s not around.

#소소한하루 #sosoharu . 혼자 있어서 무서운 너가 보고싶은 밤.

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7. Nature + the two of you = win-win.

8. What your Friday night looks like.

9. Taking turns to blow and chase bubbles.

10. Random hugs are the BEST.

11. Celebrating a lot of firsts with each other.

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12. Watching her randomly fall asleep.

13. Pretending to share the load while you have a bit of fun.

14. He has a collection of your ugliest + weirdest pictures.

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15. Missing him when you see other couples.

16. He gets you an umbrella because he knows you’ll forget to carry yours.

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17. But you share one with him anyway, even if it means getting a bit wet.

18. Snuggling is your favorite thing to do.

19. But falling asleep on his lap beats snuggling too. (Sometimes.)

20. When he cooks you dinner on date night.

소소한하루 책 나오면 사실분?…

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21. And takes the best care when you’re too sick to deal with the world.

22. The little joys multiply with happiness when you have her to share them with.

23. You remember her every time you see something nice.

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24. Piggy backing never goes out of fashion.

25. You love doing his tie. (Or just patting his hair.)

26. He steps down so that you’re both at the perfect height for your kiss.

27. The two of you are home in each other’s embrace.