10 Things You Should Never Bend Down About In Life, No Matter What

So many people around me, so many people capable of so many beautiful things – and yet, they do nothing. Compromises seem to be a strange part of our culture, it is more valued than bravery and confidence – and I have to wonder, where did this come from? Why are taught to give away pieces of our desires for people, time, expectations…things that don’t matter? Forget what they taught you, don’t ever bend about THESE things, at least.

First, never, ever compromise on your dreams. Give them at least one shot before you give up.

Your self-respect. No matter who (or what) is making you feel disrespected, do NOT take it.

Maintain your integrity. In whatever role you play, give it your honest all, and do it right.

Love. Don’t “settle” down because the world is screaming in your ear.

Which also means, you don’t have to stick around in toxic relationships, doesn’t matter what the promises began with.

Your mental peace. If anything/ anyone is putting you in a bad place, walk out.

Your freedom. Do not be dependent on another. Someone asks you to leave your job for them? I say leave them.

Loyalty and honesty. No matter how hard it gets, stick to your truth.

Your values and beliefs. This is one thing that’ll haunt you forever if you mess up. Don’t let anyone push you into doing/ saying things you don’t stand for.

Lastly, never compromise on kindness. You deserve the world, and the world deserves the same from you. Don’t ever let anyone treat you wrong.