10 Simple Room Decor Ideas To Make Your Winter Prettier

You know when you wake up on those chilly mornings and step out, and instantly regret it? All you want is to stay inside your home for the whole day, just have your favourite food (hot chocolate and soupy noodles, maybe?) and watch your favourite shows all day long? Welcome to WINTER!

Winter for us tends to be full-fledged holiday time, when you just feel like having a good time with your family and friends. In films, the idea of this season is depicted by snow-covered mountains, fireplaces and lavishly served hot suppers. But if you plan to mostly stay indoors this holiday season and even plan to invite your friends over, why not make your indoors a perfect place to be at?

We bring you some of the most amazing home decor ideas you must take a look at. These will instantly give your home a new look and make it feel so much prettier!

The Winter Basket

Ever thought of creating your own winter basket? The name itself sounds so much fun, right? All you need is a mesh basket of any size and Christmas lights. If you are a more creative person, go ahead and decorate it. Once the basket is prepared, you can keep it in a corner of your room and maybe add a few fern sticks. This will instantly give you all the winter feels.

A cosy rug and cushions

A cozy rug and comfortable cushions by your side are musts if you are someone who loves staying indoors in the winter. Cosy up near a heater or a warm lamp and read your favourite book or watch your favourite movies.

The shelf

Pick one shelf at a time. Go for decorative pieces that suit the colours of your walls. DIY boxes, hand-written notes, scented candles – these are things that instantly enhance the look of your shelf and your room.

The fireplace!

Yes, we know this isn’t very common in India, but hey, some people do have fireplaces. When it comes to decorating your fireplace, you can keep it simple – with the focus on the fire. Put up a big clock, a painting or something that is visible from far, and you’re all set.

Christmassy socks

Get a few pairs of Santa socks and hang them from your favourite shelf. You can juggle between colours and sizes, and fill them up with chocolates and put the names of each of your guests whenever they are arriving. This will be a fun surprise for them!

Candles. Lots and lots of candles.

Choose candle stands of different materials – mix and match wooden bases and small metallic ones to create an eclectic and warm vibe for your room. Light them all up, and you’re set for a glowing evening.

Fairy lights!

You can always choose between hanging lights and standing lights to warm up your rooms in winters. Fill up a bottle with fairy lights or string them up across your walls – either way, you will immediately feel the whole Christmas vibe.

A hot chocolate bar

Create your own hot chocolate bar at home. Pick an old rustic table. Put some big mugs, dips and essentials on it. Next, arrange some chocolate in pretty wrappings and an artisanal milk jar – instant warmth and eye candy for your room, we swear!

A stepladder

Make use of an old ladder (get it cut short if needed). Place your favourite picture frames, books, CDs and small planters on it. Choose an isolated corner of your house and turn it into a quirky, beautiful nook that will leave your guests feeling awed..

Bath salts and handmade soap

Nothing spells winter wonderland like bath salts that smell of woody trails and flowers. Run a hot bath and indulge in a nice, long warm soak to end your day on the perfect note.

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