19 Things You Know To Be True If You Are Dating A Book Lover

If you’re in love with someone who’s in love with books, you’ve struck gold. If you’re not, I am not going to lie, I am sad for you. (Book lovers are too amaze to NOT spend an eternity with, trust me.)

I love the idea of being with someone who loves books as much as I do. Or someone who gets the fact that no matter which human ranks up in my existence, they won’t ever replace my papered loves. And even better is being with someone who simply GETS IT: all my mad book references and this obsession of marrying a book character were I to have the chance.

So if you’re someone who’s together with a human who loves books more than other humans, these 19 things will have you screaming, “YAS!”

1. They have a “Go away, I am reading” face.

They hate being disturbed when they’re reading. When interrupted, they have a ready stink-face to show you how not cool it is to bother them in the middle of some story loving.

2. It’s a no-brainer to gift them books, every single time.

Ask them what they want for their birthday and they’ll want books. Ask them what they want for a work promotion and the answer will be the same. Basically, if the gift does not involve a book, they’ll be more than merely disappointed.

3. You know better than to dog-ear pages and have learnt the value of using bookmarks.

Forget them hurting a book’s pages by folding their corners, they’ll weep if you do the same to yours. Or they’ll probably rage all-out. So either way, don’t even suggest it.

4. Get used to every piece of paper disappearing to become a bookmark.

Whatever bills you have are doomed to eventually rest within the pages of books. All those membership cards and even chocolate wrappers await the same destiny. In extreme cases, even your credit cards.

5. You’ll see them curled up with a book in the weirdest of reading postures.

Somedays, the edge of a couch will have their legs dangling as they read. And on others, they’ll be in a fetal position, trying to stay warm with a book.

6. They often fall asleep with a book in their arms.

And they love when that happens. They also happen to look their cutest while they hug their books and snooze away.

7. They treat book characters as real people.

When they cry at the death of a character, you better be hugging them and getting them a cup of tea. They’ll laugh out loud. They’ll even get dreamy about a certain character whom they really wish they could talk to for real

8. You can often see them in a “What do I with my life now?” limbo after they finish a book.

They need you the most when they’ve just ended a book and are heartbroken about missing the story. Especially when it is a really good one. You know it’s the perfect time to give them an hour-long hug because they’ll love you forever for it.

9. They ARE the most romantic lovers.

I can bet my life on it. Readers are the most romantic partners because they feel all the feels and don’t shy away from expressing them. And they can surprise you in the most stunning ways with their affection and care.

10. Which includes handmade love letters with ACTUAL poetry.

You might already have received a REAL love letter (on paper, and not on a phone screen). Probably even a few Pablo Neruda poems.

11. They keep nagging you to read.

They might have successfully converted you into a reader. If not, they’ll keep persisting until you read that damn book they cannot get over. Well, in any case, it’s a total win-win.

12. And they LOVE having book conversations.

Somehow, no matter what the topic, it will subtly turn into a conversation about something they’ve read in a book, which ditto matches the current scenario. And then they begin to go on a “I cannot even begin to tell you” trajectory over how much they loved a particular book or character.

13. For them, there are NEVER enough books.

You might be convinced they are consciously blind to the pile of unread books lying around the house, but they’ll be contently oblivious. They’ll drag you to a bookstore every single chance they get and they’ll forget they are broke and can’t afford more books (very conveniently too).

14. Their idea of a perfect date: books + coffee + hand-holding.

Nothing beats sitting somewhere, holding hands and sipping on coffee as the two of you dive into fictional worlds. They’d rather do this over and over than anything else, and I am pretty sure they must have spelt this out pretty well.

15. They will kiss you for every book reference you make.

Their faces will go lit AF when you make a book reference. They’ll squish your atoms with a hug or peck you because they’re SO happy that you GET IT! (The fact that you remember a bookish reference in a drab and dreary world and are choosing them to share it with.)

16. They don’t like to be away from their books for too long.

You will see them get fidgety if they are away from books for too long. They like being around the reassuring presence of these papered creatures and love it when they’re in a bookstore, breathing in their smell.

17. And they hate it when their books end up with other people.

As kind as they maybe, they hate the idea of their books being with other people for too long. They might keep checking on their friends to know when their books will be returned and might hug the copies for a while when do come back.

18. No matter where, they always carry a book along.

You won’t ever see them leave home without a book. Never EVER. They’ll always carry one wherever they go and you’ll see them sneak in a bit of reading time while commuting to work or even waiting on a cab.

19. They can’t help but sniff book pages like it is the best perfume in the world.

In fact, if there ever was a scent made to capture the essence of the pages of a book, they’ll be bathing in it, 365 days x infinity.

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