15 Honest Signs You’re So Good A Person That You’re Basically A Dog

Little poochies, dogs are little poochies. I mean, it is okay that people say cats are also cool, but let’s be honest, man – they’re really just not. But then again, there’s some of us who are always so surrounded by dogs, we have started to become them. Think you should have had paws instead of palms? Read on.

You find the fun in everything, there isn’t a single dull moment when you’re at the party!

You do not know a way to deal with people other than with kindness.

You’re super outgoing and social, and love to meet new people.

You are also very, very protective of the ones you love, and can resort to violence if it comes to it.

Even though you’re fun and friendly, people often call you a b*tch.

You’re not the cleanest, and often leave trails behind, like hair on your friend’s couch.

Being alone is not your thing. What do we say to being alone? Not today!

What you see is what you get – you let people know what you think of them. BARK!

Loyalty is everything in the world for you. There’s nothing more important in a relationship.

You are very possessive about your food AND your people.

You don’t need much after a bad day, a pat on the head or a good hug will have you jumping.

You understand people, even when they don’t say much.

You aren’t afraid to show affection, you’re all about pouncing.

You hate being alone, but you can also kill time doing nothing. (Like chase your own tail!)

Lastly, you expect nothing in return for the love you give people. You want honesty and a warm bed, and you’re all good in the hood!