India’s First Lingerie Vending Machine Is Here, And We Ask Is It Cool Or Is It COOL?

Yes, we’ve had potato chips, bottles of cola and even stuffed teddies slide out of vending machines. But when Radhika Goenka of the Welspun Group spoke about launching the very first lingerie vending machine in India, it was totally NEXT LEVEL awesomeness.

With product returns just a click away, you get to sport some beaut lingerie that needs no pre-ordering. Just some nice little fingering on the buttons of the vending machine and you’ll own premium lingerie that befits your wardrobe. Featuring the Be Mine – an all black collection, these machines will house all sizes and will be officially launched in the second week of May, in Mumbai.

And the reason behind this GOLD idea? In Radhika’s words to the Indian Express, “Women today desire a product that is both stylish and comfortable. Our brand has been conceptualized and created as an answer to this basic aspiration also with the added convenience.”

Let’s drink to some rad lingerie shopping in the very, very, near future!

HT: The Indian Express