13 Times We’ve All Fallen A Little Bit In Love In College!

Sometimes, some people just come in with a plethora of energy that can have you falling in love with them. And most of the times, it’s not supposed to be the panties-dropping, butterflies-in-my-tummy kind of love. It’s an expansion of pure joy inside your chest when you see these folks walking around in your campus or just coming up to say hello. And let’s be honest – we’ve all fallen in love with at least three of these kinds of people in our lives. People who’ve made our hearts melt just because of who they are…and then broken our hearts because they didn’t even register that we really wanted them. So here’s to the 13 kinds of heartbreakers we all meet in college!

(Read this list and tell us which of these folks broke your heart – but in a nice, not-too-sad kinda way?)

1. The one with the really nice smile

Sigh, whoever had a more perfect set of teeth, human?

(And then you realise they smile like that at everyone.)

2. The one who ALWAYS smells good

*When you’re wondering if you could bathe in their perfume and laze around like a cat afterwards, each time you’re around them*

(And everyone else you know is also thinking exactly that same thing about them.)

3. The one whose fashion game is on point AF

Yes, they look like they’ve walked out from the pages of a magazine and you don’t mind that one bit.

(Too bad they’re not looking like a dream just for our sakes!)

4. The one who has that ADORBS vibe about them

There is something about this individual that keeps lighting up the CUTE banner inside your brain, no matter what.

(Hey, cutie, what do I gotta do to impress you?)

5. The one who is always reading

The quiet one who doesn’t really talk much but when they do, they always have a very good point to add to the conversation.

(Please, oh please, look up from your book and at me, yeah?)

6. The one who is practically everyone’s SOS

Any kind of crisis and you know that this human will be there to help you through the thunder. And will probably get in a lifeboat to save your dripping bottom!

(And then they’re off to save someone else, leaving you with a warm glow in your heart and butterflies in your tummy.)

7. The one who wears over-sized tees with Converses

And has this look of utter comfort about them. Also, they somehow always manage to look pretty.

(Ugh, why do we look too lame to even talk to them when we try to pull off that same style?)

8. The one who LOVES to eat

You’ll probably spot this one in the canteen admiring their breakfast/ brunch/ snacks for the day like there is nothing else worthy of their attention.

(Yeah, not even you.)

9. The one who is mostly just happy

That one individual who can light up your day, even when it’s stormy AF in your inner kingdom. They seem like a storeroom of good vibes to say the least.

(It’s a bit of a bummer, though, that all that radiant energy is directed at the world, not focused on us!)

10. The one who has the raddest playlist

You probably wish you could steal it and make it your own and not have to worry about bad music ever again.

(Hi, music-genius, if I made you a mix-tape, would you even listen?)

11. The one who plays the guitar

Cliche, but true. There is always a person whose guitar-playing skills make us want to swoon like we’ve been taught by Simran and Raj from the holy DDLJ days.

(Hate that they’re always surrounded by an adoring gang of groupies, leaving very little room for us to work our way to the front!)

12. The one who can dance like a dream

Another one we’re all guilty of having fallen for and not in the MJ “Beat It” kind of a way.

(Won’t you ever ask me to dance with you, and not in a let’s-all-dance-together kind of way?)

13. The one who becomes your instant BFF

This one somehow is always the best one, the kind that has you believing in the whole soulmate jazz because you connect with them so effortlessly!

(But, yeah, okay, the friendzone also sucks.)

This post is brought to you in association with Britannia Little Hearts. Because the only hearts you should break are Little Hearts!