11 Hilarious Struggles Of Shopping With Your Significant Other

So, I don’t like shopping. Seriously, it makes me hungry, cranky, tired, and confused (I MEAN, THERE ARE SO MANY CLOTHES, SO MANY CHOICES, WHAT AM I EVEN SUPPOSED TO DO????). One of the few places I actually enjoy shopping at though, is the Lifestyle stores, mostly because of the prices, amazing styles, and the fact that I can shop from the comfort of my home if I want to.

But then shopping becomes 10x worse(and weirdly enough, more fun) when you’re shopping with your significant other. In my case, it’s mostly me complaining and him telling me that food will come, and that I can sleep once I buy that new pair of jeans I’ve been going on about needing. And that’s just the beginning of it.

That eternal clash of styles. They want you to buy one thing, you want another thing.

“But baby, this dress would look so nice on you. Why are you buying an oversized tee shirt AGAIN?”- everyone I’ve ever dated.

A very long walk around the shop because for the most part, so many different things need to be bought.

​Like, at least you’re getting the exercise.

Complete. Fashion. Cluelessness. Seriously, it’s like one person always knows more than the other.

Me: I’d like a blue top.

Boyfriend: I think teal would nice on you, actually.


One person always ends up getting tired/cranky/maybe slightly existentialist.

*me 5 minutes after entering the shop*

“Listen, I have a limited lifespan that’s going to end with a void, so don’t make me spend any more time here.”

And God forbid, you guys enter the beauty section together

Okay honestly. It’s a lot of fun watching my boyfriend get all confused about the billion different ‘pencils’ and 587058357.87 different lip colours. This isn’t really a struggle as much as some slightly tiring entertainment.

Hunger pangs, hunger pangs, hunger pangs


Mechanical answering

“Farishte, do you think I’ll fit into a 28?”


“Do you think this printed top will clash with these printed shorts?”


“Do you think you’re stupid?”


See where I’m going with this?

Creating a new definition of the words “complete honesty”

​We all know that the foundation of a healthy relationship is honesty. And saying that you totally think blue looks better on your SO than teal even though you aren’t sure what the difference is, is honesty right?

*honesty now= occasional white lies.*

Maaaaaaaybeeeee a few minor arguments

It’s a volatile environment, and honestly, it’s nobody’s fault

The realisation that shopping on your own is probably 20x easier.

And will probably take 20x less time.

But then deciding it’s all worth it because as much as you hate to admit it, shopping with the person who loves you through thick and thin is actually kinda fun

This hilariously relatable video basically captures what shopping with your SO is like:

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