8 Websites Every Fashion Junkie Needs To Check Out Right Now!

You know how Zara has new designs in every 2 weeks? 2 goddamn weeks! Now imagine the kind of weekly trends that are going to arise when every brand tries to match up with that! Sweating yet?

Trends are moving forth with the speed of light and our feet simply cannot keep up to walk from store to store searching for them on point outfits. Can I get a amen?!

Plus, hey, who has the time for it anyway? But then again we’d all like to look fly time and again, yes?

A zillion problems. One solution. Websites that cater to your every fashion need. You just need to master the art of knowing what works from which one.

After all, where there is a will, there is a way.

She In

In A Nutshell: The most extensive, fashion-forward website that you can shop from!

Categories: Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry, Accessories, Beauty, On Sale, “Lookbook” Explore.

Advantage: Free shipping and Cash on Delivery! YAS!

Be Careful Of: Not everything that look’s bomb, is bomb. Watch Youtube hauls so you know how to take ‘calculated’ risks. Also, if it’s cheap, the design may be couture, but don’t expect the quality to be too.

Pro Tip: Shop by trends and by the look book. You’ll always get the best of international fashion and you won’t have to think about creating looks that way.


In A Nutshell: The only Indian e-commerce store that matches anything you’d find internationally.

Categories: Men’s Clothing, Women’s Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, Sunglasses, Jewelry, Beauty, Watches.

Advantage: KOOVS normally pre-picks styles from India’s top independent boutiques before they launch their own collections. Which means, you’ll find the best of the lot at KOOVS. A great way to pick something that’s definitely on point.

Be Careful Of: Since KOOVS focuses so much on trends, pieces you pick up may come with a seasonal expiration date. Better to shop trends at the start of the season to get more wear out of them.

Pro Tip: Try and balance your trend shopping from KOOVS with classic, more long term pieces if possible.


In A Nutshell: A resell storefront that aims to be the no. 1 platform for buyers who wish to purchase pre-loved couture. Not only can you buy barely used, more often than not, perfect condition pieces at a fraction of their original store price, you can also sell the pieces back through the same platform once you are done using them.

Categories: Men’s Clothing, Women’s Clothing, Ethnic Wear, Celebrity Closet, Blogger Closet, Brands.

Advantage: Coutloot literally stands for ‘Couture Loot’, so look here first when you want to treat yourself. You can literally end up buying 3 couture pieces in the price of one!

Be Careful Of: Sellers who don’t seem to have a knack for styling, who don’t care about the quality of pictures they put up and therefore, don’t seem to be very on – board with high fashion.

Pro Tip: You can use the ‘Shop By Brand’ option to pick brand’s that you know fit you well. This also helps you check the percentage of discount you get by brand i.e. smarter to pick a Steve Madden or a Zara where you will end up saving thousands instead of a Vero Moda where you will end up saving only in hundreds.


In A Nutshell: A anything and everything resell platform.

Categories: Clothing, Accessories, Scarves, Sunglasses, Books, Shoes, Bags, Furniture and Kitchen Appliances.

Advantage: You can purchase from whoever is ‘Near You’ in person. That way you get your products faster than would using a delivery service.

Be Careful Of: A zillion cheap sellers. Make sure to purchase from only those that Spoyl invests marketing money in. If the company is willing to spend on them, their listings are obviously worth it.

Pro Tip: Look for blogger closets! You’re guaranteed to find India’s top bloggers on this site – and whatever you pick from there is bound to be trendy AF.

Stalk Buy Love

In A Nutshell: A website that is trying to provide Indian women (and women only!) in trend designs and fashion on a budget.

Categories: What’s New, Collection, Dresses, Tops, Stalker, Trends.

Advantage: A lot of the designs have been modified to suit the Indian mentality so that they are actually wearable even for the average Indian woman, therefore offering a higher ‘price per wear’ value.

Be Careful Of: There is better quality available out there for a marginally higher cost and a slightly delayed shipping.

Pro Tip: Pick only that which you can’t find on the other platforms mentioned on this list or if you are on a super tight budget.


In A Nutshell: The absolute mecca of online fashion.

Categories: Women, Men, Clothing, Outlet, ASOS A – List, Fashion Discovery, Brands, A to Z of Brands, Style Feed, ASOS Marketplace, Vintage, Marketplace Edits.

Advantage: If it’s in, it’s in ASOS. You’ll find anything and everything under the sun here.

Be Careful Of: ASOS doesn’t have an Indian style yet so shopping over a certain amount could lead to your delivery being halted at customs. You don;t ever want to go through that.

Pro Tip: Break down your shopping into smaller proportions and send them at different addresses with different names to save yourself from customs. *evil laughter*

Nasty Gal

In A Nutshell: The most “I don’t give a damn” style hub out there. If you want your wardrobe to ooze sass, this site is going to be your new bae.

Categories: New Arrivals, Occasion Arrivals, $5 Dollar Shopping, Clothes, Shows, Accessories, Sale, Nasty Galaxy Blog.

Advantage: You’ve got an e – destination to fulfill your quirk. Use it well. It also helps that they’ve got all other basics covered in case you don’t want to go crazy shopping from a dozen other sites at the same time.

Be Careful Of: Buying risque pieces may be a pleasure in itself but it’s important to be realistic and consider the price per wear before tearing apart your wallet. And Nasty Gal weaves a story around each piece that makes it difficult to not purchase!

Pro Tip: Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso broke all the rules of the fashion world by making the company a success as huge as it is. And although Boohoo now owns the company, her position in the fashion world remains unchallenged. Pick her book, Girl Boss (or watch the Netflix series with the same name), to be inspired and look at fashion and the website in a whole new light.


In A Nutshell: The mother of all fashion.

Categories: New In, Men, Women, Kids, Inspire Me, Sale.

Advantage: Finally, one website that’s got some serious #outfitgoals even for kids!

Be Careful Of: You’ll have to ask a friend who lives overseas to purchase things for you and then ship it through. Can’t yet pay in rupees either. Sad.

Pro Tip: Boohoo Premium is worth every pound.