7 Must-Watch Vice Videos To Restore Your Faith In Humanity

It’s best to let the videos do the talking.

Right to Die

This was the 3rd episode that aired on in the 4th season of Vice’s HBO series. It talks about countries that give individuals the right to ‘choose’ to die at a time and date set by them and tracks their life a few days before the D – Day.

The best part about the episode is the conversation on whether this choice should only be made available for people with severe physical limitations, or for those with pressing mental struggles.

No matter what personal views one has on the matter, these 30 minutes give us an insight into how for some people, death is in fact, a beautiful choice.

The Future of Energy

Aired as season 4’s 9th episode, this feature gives us a glimpse into what ‘energy’ will mean for the generations to come. It tells us about technological advancements in a nutshell so we don’t need to spend too much time reading it up.

It gives us an insight into how, if we do things right, there may be a way to save the future generations, and hopefully, our planet.

Raised Without Gender

An episode that shows us, how Sweden is pioneering a culture that focuses on gender neutrality in a bid to give its citizens the ultimate freedom and nip gender discrimination in its bud.

The most interesting part is how it is doing so right from kinder-garden, so that their next generation is brought up thinking of ‘gender neutrality’ as normal.

This might take you some time to process, but nonetheless, it’s worth your time.

Dye Trying : A Cure for ALS

ALS is one of the most debilitating diseases on the planet today and therefore, it’s no shocker that it has been considered one of the top 5 diseases that requires a cure. The solution, that had eluded mankind since decades is finally having some much needed breakthroughs, reviving hope for millions across the world.

This episode is even more special since the Vice reporter covering the story has recently received an ALS diagnosis, which adds a personal touch that makes the feature ever more heart warming.

Find it in season 4, episode 16 of Vice on HBO.

Special Report : Killing Cancer

A special report created by Vice, this feature educates us on the ongoing research that may have provided scientists and healthcare professionals with revelations required to win over the deadliest disease on the globe once and for all.

Considering that we have all encountered at least one person who has been affected by this disease at some point in our lives, watching this is bound to make everyone let out a sigh of relief.

State of Surveillance

Edward Snowden took the world by storm when he exposed documents that proved the level of surveillance the American Government engages in, showing the common man just how much access not just American, but all Governments around the world have on what people consider ‘private information’.

Shane Smith, one of the founders of Vice himself interviews Mr. Snowden at the Metropol Hotel in Moscow to understand the reason behind Snowden’s decision to make the discoveries public and the implications that this information has on safety if hacking technology falls into the wrong hands.

This episode 13 of season 4 cannot and should not be missed by anyone.

Trans Youth

Episode 2 of Season 6 of Vice on HBO comes at a time when large scale global movements are taking place in different parts of the world almost everyday in order to encourage more people towards accepting human beings exactly as they are – primarily members of the LGBTQ community.

Trans Youth will leave you astounded for the full half hour while you hear Transgender kids talk about their reality with clarity that even adults lack in life.

It traces their journey, along with that of their families showing us perspectives that people have on life – altering, irreversible decision transgender people have to make in life. Prepare to be shell-shocked.