These 10 Instagram Artists Turn The ‘Everyday’ Into Magic

Some kinds of art hold the power to change who you are.

Creating something has always been therapeutic for me. Until recently, my universe had only been shaken by books, movies, or the occasional Tanmay Bhat Snapchat segment. A few months ago, I started painting again. It led me to these artists who, I promise, are nothing short of Human Hogwarts.

Warning: These pictures could potentially change your life.

Juliette Arbic

This woman is insane. Not literally, but you get the drift. The only jellyfish I’ve seen are in SpongeBob Squarepants. If she were to design them, I’d let them sting me.


I am going to unabashedly admit that she is my favourite. MonLee’s Wonderland is a place every human being would want to be. Her art is unique, thought-provoking, and surprisingly warm.

Qing Han

Read the quotes, even if you have to squint. It WILL blow your mind. Her Instagram page looks like somebody bled gold all over it. It’s the most beautiful chaos I have ever witnessed.

Mark Conlan

Another crazily talented human being. His play on perspectives is ridiculously amazing. He has the kind of talent that makes you want to scream, “HOW CAN ANYBODY POSSIBLY THINK THIS WAY?”
Or, just scream.
I do both.

Susmita Debnath

Her brushes bleed love. She uses minimalist art to make an everlasting impact. When this woman lifts her brushes, you know your day is going steeply uphill.

Diya Bhaumick

Turn the image upside down, if you don’t get the point already. Bhaumick is a dedicated artist and it reflects in her work. This particular piece is very close to my heart because I always thought Batman and The Joker would make great friends. Yin yang, eh?

Kerby Rosanes


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Do you feel the warmth? Rosanes’ Instagram is like a really warm hug. There is a strange calmness in whatever he creates. It could be a ferocious tiger, or a small child, but his pen knows no aggression.


Good night

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Soft kitty? Warm kitty.
She plays with colours like she was born to rule them. Some of her black and white sketches pierce right through your heart with their messages. Her Instagram is a story book in itself.


I should warn you, it took me a while to find my way out of this Instagram account. Every single piece is so immensely haunting. It will leave you pondering over the possible meanings, and have you gasping for more.

Drawings by Mr. P

This entire thread has been pretty serious, so, here’s some cuteness. Cartoons never go out of style. Mr. P makes really beautiful cartoons in very unique contexts. His Instagram is Doremon’s gateway into your childhood.


Adrija Bhattacharyya’s work is absolutely breath-taking.

May art guide you home.