Woman Recreates Celebrity Instagram Photos And The Results Are Hilarious!

One thing the whole world agrees on is the fact that Instagram is the new ‘IT’ source of eyegasms. It’s the place where we common folk go to see the current standard of what is considered ‘unattainable’.

But Celeste Barber decided to add a dash of humour to this ‘picture perfect’ app, making it basically a thousand times more realistic.


1) Kendall Jenner v/s Celeste Barber

#tbt when you’ve been cleaning eating for 5 minutes and think you can go down a size.

2) Khloe Kardashian v/s Celeste Barber

When a #kardashian gets a sweats line and you realise nothing is safe.

3) Selena Gomez v/s Celeste Barber

The weekly shop can be a real ball breaker.

4) Gemma Award v/s Celeste Barber

When you find out the guy you like surfs.

5) Allesandra Ambrosio v/s Celeste Barber

When you’re that girl that takes 45 minutes to get into the water.

6) Alexis Ren v/s Celeste Barber

Actual Representation.

7) Cara Delevingne v/s Celeste Barber


8) Kylie Jenner v/s Celeste Barber

Celeste merch now available. LINK IN BIO.

9) Rihanna v/s Celeste Barber

When you see your crush and try to stay chill.

10) Karlie Kloss v/s Celeste Barber

Have kids, they say. Take them on adventures.

11) Blanc Chyna v/s Celeste Barber

What you feel like when you touch down in NYC versus what you know you have.

12) Kim and Kanye v/s Celeste Barber and Husband

Happy Birthday Kanye. I hope you have a classy day.

13) Ciara v/s Celeste Barber

Such a wonderful feeling.

14) Magazines v/s Celeste Barber

When you live your life by the 5 second rule.

15) Madonna v/s Celeste Barber

Last drinks.

16) Justin Beiber v/s Celeste Barber

Remember when #bieber licked a knife and a whole heap of people seemed to give a shit.

17) Victoria’s Secret v/s Celeste Barber

Woohoo the cakes ready!

18) Gisele Bundchen v/s Celeste Barber

Some people like to take a private jet or boat to#CannesFilmFestival but #gisele and I like to keep it real.

19) Celebrities v/s. Celeste Barber

National lookalike day.

20) Beyonce v/s Celeste Barber

Happy Birthday Bey!

P.S. – The comments are Celeste’s own brainchild. Not mine.