Dadaji From MDH Masale Is Giving Life Lessons To All Our Heroes, And I AM CRYING

The internet is a strange, strange place. There are only so many things in the world that could compete (perhaps the neighbour aunty’s mouth?) But the strangeness that the internet seeps out is still, and will for a long time be, the most creatively weird jokes to happen to us.

Perhaps its because the internet is one safe place to play with whatever, and to be free in your laugh. It’s fresh and spicy and…wait. Talking of spices, have you checked out your childhood favourite MDH uncle’s page on FB? No? What?
Check him out dissing the popular pops, and proving why, as always, he is the coolest of them all. Check out the page for more. You will want to.

    Like here, he got a hold of Eminem…

    “This kid Eminem was so shocked when I sang the supersonic part of his song ‘Rap God’ faster than him. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He asked me later “Chacha ji. Vo aapne kaise kiya?”.

    Then i took out MDH Rap masala from my pocket and smiled at him.”

    And then, Peter Parker

    “I was travelling in a train when Doctor Octopus attacked and people started shouting. Spiderman was also there. His legs were shivering because of fear. I calmed him down and gave him MDH Shakti Masala. Then he gained his senses back and saved everyone.

    Such a kiddo.”

    And some Lagaaaaaaan

    “I remember how tensed this day was when Bhuvan challenged those Britishers for a cricket match. Bhuvan acted like an ass though. But I supported him as he had promised to set me up with Gauri. Then i cooked MDH Inquilab masala for all the team members, which everyone believed was the reason behind the victory of our team.”

    MDH in Black, he says

    “*MDH in black*

    I really miss those days when Agent J used to teach me how to use a Neuralizer on a suspect. And we kept on erasing everyone’s memory. But that Neuralizer stopped working and then i added my MDH in Black masala in it and got that shit repaired.
    Damn it worked.”

    Didn’t spare Bhai either

    “I scolded Salman for driving after getting drunk. I didn’t give him any Masala either. Then he said “Ek baar main commitment kar dun, to uske baad bas Chacha Ji ki sunta hun.” which made me smile. I have asked him to call me for BIG BOSS season this year.

    Then I’ll show them who’s the real king.”

    One small step for man…

    “Some 50 years ago i was being asked to run a space shuttle mission to the Moon. I agreed and joined hands with NASA for that project.

    But those poor NASA people ran out of fuel midway. Those kids were crying badly, so i came up with my MDH Chanda-Mama masala and added it to the fuel tank.
    It’s been years and still those babies can’t understand how did Chacha ji do that.”


    “This boy came to me few years ago and said “Chacha ji. Mujhe Hero bana do.” Guess what i did kids? I gave him my special MDH Sexy masala which i had also given to Bobby Deol years ago. Now you all know him by the name of HERO ALOM. True story.”

    And some Takeshi’s Castle, just coz

    “There couldn’t be anything more fun than participating in Takeshi’s castle show. Takeshi had challenged me “Chacha ji, bridge ball me jeet kar dikhao, tab maanenge aapko King.”

    Not even i won this game then but also sold 10,000 MDH japani masala packs to Takeshi.”

    Jack, wake up Jack!

    “*On the sets of Titanic movie*

    I remember when this scene was shot i was sitting with the director, then Leo and Kate came running towards me and said “Chacha ji! aap iss baar hamare liye kuch nahi laaye?”
    I smiled and gave them MDH Oscar masala. Their eyes were filled with tears of happiness. But I don’t think Leo ate that regularly, that’s why it took so long to get him an Oscar.”


    “The one where I showed them MDH Chana masala.” These kids couldn’t understand it first but then Monica attempted a successful guess. Joey tasted my Chana masala immediately and hugged me while Rachel and Chandler kept on asking me about its secret. That kid Ross was on a break, so he couldn’t enjoy with us.”