Poem: Don’t Bend For A Man, Woman

And woman, my woman

Don’t let yourself fall into the arms of a man

Who knows too well

How to crush your shoulders in, to make space for himself.

Don’t let your heart give in

To the meatiness of his personality

Attitudes and auras fade faster than the smoke

You puff every night at the club

to attract him.

And women aren’t made of glass you see

We are usually rubber

We were made to expand and grow

To form a protective layer

Around all that is;

Take it in

Take it all

The loud

The Demanding (For everything is better than hurt?)

Just take it all, and make it better

For we make houses homes.

But hush now,

For you must concentrate.

Things go bad and things go bitter

If you can’t sit down and properly cut the cake

Or be the cake

So give as long you want,

But if that stops working

You are but just a rubber band

So stretch



– at your ends, ready to break

But don’t say anything, even if it gets hard

For don’t you see?

He loves you, even though you’re a liability

An extra responsibility

You’re not the root of anything –

So don’t let yourself fall into the arms of a man

Who will crush your shoulders in

It will not matter how long you can endure the pain

Or how long you hold on smiling through your teeth

With tears in your eyes –

You will one day break


And when you do

They’ll burn you

And then he’ll say

The smell irritates him.