25 Things You Have Got To Experience On A Big Screen In Your Living Room

I know you get it.
You get the whole “need a good big-screen TV at home because what’s life without one?”

And each time you dream of a dream weekend, there is this platonic TV screen with people on it, or probably fictitious humans, you in your boxers, a few good bowl of munchies and zero disturbance. I get it. And that’s EXACTLY why some experiences are meant for the big-screen.

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For now, here are 25 big-screen experiences you should definitely NOT miss out on.

Watching a horror film with the sole aim of losing your shit!

If this doesn’t excite you/creep the atoms out of you on a whole new level, I am sort of disappointed. Because big-screens and horror movies spell marriage.

Throwing a dance party with Beyonce, Madonna and Daft Punk ruling

No better way to work that booty than with these Gods in the house. Plus your moves can get totally savage if you have your inspirations dancing right in front of you!

Having a Mortal Kombat Friday night to find out who your real friends are

This is best way to sort out the riff-raff from the real deal. (#sorrynotsorry) Video games and big-screen TVs call unto all the true blue coolness in the folks around you.

A pjs Rom-Com night to let all out the LOUVE and tears

What’s not to like in a night full of mush and heart talk, as you lie down in your PJs and cry your eyeballs out over Pretty Woman, 50 First Dates, Knotting Hill, etc?

A rewatching of Wonder Woman (because PURE SLAY)

And then there is this beauty of a film that begs a big-screen TV to be had. If you’re watching WW again, don’t insult it on a petty laptop screen.

Also, every possible super-hero movie ever (because what’s the point of a big screen otherwise)

I’d probably die of love when I see Thor bring down that hammer when I am watching it on this huge TV screen because Thor+THE hammer+supernatural effects = Death by Pure JOY.

A fun, sing-all-you-want karaoke session with your baes

Can you imagine singing your lungs out with your gang of boos just because you can? Also, wouldn’t it just be perfect if you could do it on this big-screen TV for absolute impact?

Guitar Hero evenings because a big screen TOTALLY calls for some

Ain’t nothing like strumming those electronic strings and bringing on your game than a Guitar Hero moment.

Or just super chill Saturdays with your favourite food shows

You could probably be a cat in front of your TV as some of your favourite chefs make you these foodgasmic recipes you’d probably never cook in your life. But, hey, so what?!

Some major holiday inspiration as you binge on travel diaries from all over the world

A big-screen TV is the ultimate way to ride your travel fantasies. Especially if these fantasies including the Alps, the Northern Lights and igloos.

Or just favourite-Disney-movie reruns

No one is ever too old for their favourite cartoon movies. No one.

Why leave Pixar out along with Finding Nemo?

Or too old to cry on losing Nemo.

Some utter geeky afternoons watching the Planet Earth series (W.O.W)

Can you imagine how stunning it would be to watch Discovery channel or a Fox Traveler on the big screen? Can you imagine the pure thrill of being an earth-loving, planet-crushing geek?

And of course, game nights with your Football league friends in town

Goes without saying, this one.

Getting back in time with the good old Bond days

Pierce Brosnan DESERVES a big-screen evening. One whole dedicated evening of Bond time with a couple of beers and bean bags for company.

Or even further back in time with the originals themselves: the cowboys

So does Client Eastwood.

Smooshing bad days with multiple Harry Potter reruns

No better way to ladle up the love then with a HP movie day. That’s exactly what best friends are for. Reruns and stay-ins.

And then some more fantasy world exploits including the Ah-maze Avatar

Definitely one of those movies that justify investing in a big TV. Yes, most definitely.

Keeping the world at bay with LOTR’s proud elflings and hobbits

Let’s not underestimate the glory of these movies on a wide TV screen and the way we can take introverting to a whole new, crazy level. *takes a bow*

Sharpening your intellect with Sherlock’s epic neurons

Or you can totally go the extreme brainy route and pity yourself for not being inhumanly smart with Holmes in context.

Or just enjoying a dark, dark evening with GOT’s absolute guttural world

Unless you want to totally watch people getting annihilated for the pure joy of nothing better to do, then that.

Rewinding to some space-time chill with Gravity

Space/ Sci-fi movies + Big TV screens = Hallelujah

And upping your date night game with the life-changing Inception

Trust me on this one. Leave the romance behind for a bit and dive into some mind-shattering cinematic adventure.

Taking it nice and slow with some Robbin Williams movie love

What is inspiration on a big TV screen? Double inspiration.

And letting Jim Carrey’s undisputable madness drive you to complete hysterics

Why leave poor comedy by the door when we’ve got rest of the cinema in?

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