The ‘F’ Word: Tangled Tale Of Feminism

Open your social handles and you would find the entire space deluged with proud feminists eager to devour every speck of privilege, other lot wailing to stand out by shooing away the tag of feminist, men eager to fight off this sudden prejudice and others gone too meek in defense lest they should face countless bashes. Well, Feminism has created an inevitable stir, hasn’t it?

So, is the ideology so extreme that requires creating so much furore across spaces and timelines? Do people who jump into the pool ‘favour’ and ‘defense’, at all have a hint what the idea represents?

It’s simple, plain and clear,equality of sexes! It is not a galaxy of retarded and hyper active beings who fuss around because they fancy the attraction it creates or feel too gluttonous for anything and everything they can hoard for themselves.

I remember the morning when I somehow broke into this conversation with one of my friends. Willing to understand his thoughts on feminism, I asked him straight, “Do you think you are a feminist?” and there came a prompt “Nopes”. I clearly understood that it wasn’t the idea of equal rights that gave him a cruel pinch. It was a series of misunderstood notions leading him to believe that feminism is all about Privilege.

IT’S NOT! Feminism is N-O-T a Privilege. It’s not about revenge either. It only claims what legally happens to be women’s. Let’s not mistake it to be sexism.

Indulge in a conversation with a guy over women’s rights and his distorted notions on feminism would only scare him away. Ask a woman what it feels like to be a feminist and in no time, she is brimming with a sense of misogyny and how victimized she feels.

Let’s take a break from all misconceived notions and erase the word’s negative connotation for good. How could that be? If feminism comes with a duty for the society to learn the A to Zs of fine treatment of women, it also throws some justified responsibilities on the part of a woman. Let’s raise voices for equal pay at work but let’s say ‘No’ to basing our approval to marry him on his bank balance. Fulfilling personal agendas in the garb of feminism is a bad, bad option. Also, it’s high time for men to realize that feminism is not a male-bashing tool nor it is an anti-male movement. Be proud to be called a feminist because with that, you are making it loud and clear that you are centered on equality. Be proud because you are enlightened with the ideology that transcends sexual identity.

From setting the foreground to fighting off the patriarchal voices, driving away the doubts to having a resolute stand, we have a long way to go. But well, would you deny the saying, The Greater The Storm, The Brighter The Rainbow?