It’s Time To Snap Out Of Snapchat

We’ve all looked down upon that clingy person who’s incapable of giving space to someone; so why did we turn into exactly the same person? Why can’t we seem to keep our hands off Snapchat? Are we scared to part ways with the little white ghost or is it just the FOMO that keeps us from breaking up with this app?

If you aren’t using Snapchat, who are you? Well, for starters – probably somebody who isn’t obsessed with documenting their day to day activities and boring the shit out of people. Millennials have gone too deep in this shit hole relationship for them to even realize that it is time to snap out of it. Something that started off as completely foreign has now become a key obsession in their lives. It’s high time to break up with it ASAP! Not because of the whole Evan Spiegel controversy but simply because we need to live a normal life where one doesn’t need to draw happiness by exhibiting stories to their entire contact list.

We’re more obsessed with the opportunity to upload a moment than we are with the moment itself. Our FOMO is more real than it’s ever been before, courtesy – SNAPCHAT. This marvelous creation makes you think, nay believe, that you’ve got it all figured out, and are keeping up with what’s trending and happening around you. Whereas the truth of the matter is, that we have basically enrolled ourselves in yet another rat race where we are looking to compete against the undefeatable. Somebody, will always have a better story with a more happening set up and definitely more number of followers than in your profile.

If you can’t hold a conversation with a person outside of Snapchat, is it even worth getting updates on where the person is heading to chug his beer tonight? It has become innate to check the stories obsessively, even though you really don’t care. There is no point of putting yourself under the pressure of uploading a picture perfect story when you’re given a chance to create memories that will last longer than a 24-hour Snapchat story. Sometimes, they’re not necessarily Earth-shattering events; in fact, some of them are downright trivial, and yet we keep up with the nonstop uploads because we’ve forgotten where to draw a line.

Pausing to photograph every single minute of the day is just so naive and basically super stressful. A random photo with a caption will never surpass a real conversation. Snapchat is transforming us into self obsessed people who have forgotten the old school ways of enjoying the real world. You’ve gotta try things to know you don’t like them, right? So how about you snap out of Snapchat and let us know how it feels 🙂

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