I Like You And I’m Just Going To Say It

I like you.
Right here, is the bare truth.

And I am done.
I am done acting like it’s okay when it’s not.

I am done talking to you, aching for you to understand me and you pretending like it’s just a normal conversation. I am done trying to pretend like it’s okay to let this go, even without trying.

Because you know what?
We’ve been so trapped in all these social mazes. Pathways that restrict you to talk about EXACTLY what’s going on inside you. These sly bastards of protocols just making you tweak the words, not look at someone you like too much, not let them know how much you feel, when you just want to do all of the above. And that too, a lot.

We’ve forgotten how utterly freeing honesty can be. When you just walk up to someone who vibes with your heart to tell them that, “Hey, I may not know you, but I want to. Because somehow my soul feels a little more welcome around you, a little more alive.”

But we won’t. We don’t.
We’ll hide.
We’ll play chase.
We’ll go “You have to want me first for me to want you.” Or. “If you invest this much in me, I’ll invest equally.”
We stomp upon our hearts, we lie awake thinking why we feel this way, why we feel so much.

God, we are so afraid.
We are so afraid to get hurt. We are so afraid of pain.
And that’s exactly why we push away from anything that kicks us off our comfort.
We want to fall in love but we don’t want to give it all.
We want to kiss till 4 a.m. but don’t want to bare our hearts.
We want to look into each other’s eyes but not embrace the demons and fears lurking in their depths.

Ah, but what if I want to just come to you and tell you that I love you?
That I don’t give two fucks about these idiotic rules.
That on a planet with feeling beings, trying not to feel is just so wasted.

That I’d like to give us a chance. A fair chance.

And I don’t mean half-hearted promises. I mean the kind of words that are followed by actions to cement them into time and space.

So would you?
Would you allow me in,

Feature Image courtesy of Eros