If You Call Yourself A ‘Zara’ Fan, You Better Know This Trivia About Your Favourite Brand

Who is not fond of Zara? Right from creating some extra glam fit apparels to subtle boho chic couture, the Spanish clothing and accessories retailer has now become a common name amongst people of different countries. But here are a few unknown facts about Zara if you have been buying clothes and accessories from the retailer, we bet you would love the brand more than you ever did.

Zara’s founder Amancio Ortega is the second richest man in the world

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The Spanish clothing and accessories retailer was founded by Amancio Ortega in 1975. Ortega is now the second richest man in the world and the richest in Europe. His net worth is valued almost $75.8 Billion. He is behind Bill Gates who holds the top position.

Almost 50 percent of Zara’s products are made in Spain

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The site of manufacturing exists in Spanish region of Galicia and the working employees are paid a living wage, which one of the rarest things about this retailer.

Zara believes in no advertisement on TV policy

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It is unlikely to see a Zara advertisement running on TV. They rather believe in spending the same amount of money in launching new stores.

Every year Zara comes up with 12,000 new designs

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With a close eye for various fashion weeks, Zara creates absolutely new designs every year. Providing its buyers with something that is not too expensive and always in trend.

Zara started originally as Zorba, the name was changed later

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Zara was earlier named as Zorba, however, the name was later changed due to existence of many bars with the same name in the nearby regions.

Zara has committed to eliminate toxicity from all stages of production by 2020

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Zara is one rare brand that has committed to get rid of the toxic chemicals used in the production and manufacturing of products. It is believed that by 2020 Zara will eliminate toxicity from all stages of production.

Amancio Ortega manages his time to grab a bite in Zara’s staff cafeteria every day

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It is known that Zara’s founder Amancio Ortega takes his lunch at the staff canteen almost everyday. This is indeed a great way to make your employees feel that you are one of them.

Zara was under fire for selling anti-Semitic products

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The Swastika design on Zara bags outraged many due to which the retailer decided to remove the product from the market. A similar case happened when a Zara t-shirt imprinted with a star design was being sold in the markets.

Zara’s warehouse is 9 times bigger than Amazon’s

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Can you believe it? Zara’s warehouse is 5 million square feet, which is anyway 9 times bigger than Amazon’s on an average.

Zara store at 5th Avenue in New York City is worth $324 Million

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The Zara store at 666th 5th Avenue NYC, is amongst a few highly renowned brands. The street area is known for its high profile visitors and also for existence of one of the most famous stores in the world i.e Tiffany and Co.

Innovative and cutting-edge, Zara has created an impression on royals and celebrities to people who believe in buying something sophisticated yet not so expensive.

H/T: Alux.com