Meet Daniel Radcliffe’s Russian Look-Alike Who Has Been Getting Some Really Weird Messages

Over the years, we have spotted many doppelgangers of Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe. However, this guy from Russia is now a major surprise to us. You won’t be able to believe that he shares a stark resemblance to Daniel, and this is making women go absolutely crazy for him.

The Russian guy Nikolay Posled, a shelf-stacker from Krasnoyarsk in his real life, is far different from the Harry Potter star. The similitude between them has now become a reason for women to go mad after him. Many of them have proposed him to get married and raise their kids. Isn’t that a bit unusual? Here are his few pictures, we got our hands onto, that will surely remind you of your long time favourite, the actual Harry Potter.

So much like our star

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“There are girls. They ask me if they can have a child from me. They’re obviously Harry Potter fans. All this is very funny, but I still do not quite understand what’s going on. For me, it’s all so new. Specifically, that everyone suddenly needs something from me.”

But, his life is in danger

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“Until the media gave me publicity, it did not interfere in my life in any way. Now I am feeling uncomfortable. I am not an actor and I did nothing outstanding.”

It is much disturbing for him

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“Some threaten me, like promise to kill or write rubbish, which seems pretty disturbing and a little over the top.”

Everything is in ashes and cherries

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“What for the vinishko? This does not dry out straight, I envy you sometimes.”

And the award goes to

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“The winner of the nomination Mr. 2017, who do you work for, if not secret? Harry Potter!!”

Lights, camera, action

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“And all this was organized by Tanya”

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He may not be the actual Harry Potter, however, it seems that he is handling this publicity quite well.