7 Things You Will Relate To If You Are Creative, But Also A Lazy Person

Being lazy is in your blood! You can spend days doing nothing. For you, getting up just to switch off the lights is like climbing a mountain. As there are pros and cons of being a lazy person, these pros and cons become more complex when you are a creative person as well as a lazy panda!

Being a creative yet lazy person is not easy. Half of the time, you don’t want to do anything and when you slightly get up from that bed to paint, write, read or do anything that stimulates your creativity, you forget what you wanted to do.

You keep on procrastinating your work and then regret forgetting it later.

You know the idea that has struck you like a lightning bolt is surely to be a hit. You are too lazy to write it down, and then, you keep on delaying it. So when you actually get into the mood on executing that brilliant idea, you have already forgotten it.

So, going back again to being lazy is the only option you have till you strike another idea.

Your work space is always messy and unorganized.

You have to dig up that pile on your work table to search that small note you made for your idea. As there are many useless things all around you, cleaning that up is the last thing you will do. No matter how messy it is, you kind of like it working around that not-so-perfect work table because it brings out the best in you!

You think of doing too many things but end up doing nothing.

“I can paint my wall, or doodle, or maybe start a poetry blog” and a minute later- “Ah! forget it. Lets just Netflix”.

You always make mental notes of how you will start doing new things, but these mental notes are never executed due to your laziness. There will be almost a 100 things that you want to do this summer, but then internet and sleep takes over!

You leave many ideas unfinished, which might have been a hit.

You start painting, but the thought of cleaning up everything afterwards stops you there. You start writing a story, but you leave it there in the middle because writing it further becomes too boring. The DIY candle stand you were making is kept in the corner of your room because it became too tedious and intricate to make.

Starting new things and then leaving them in the middle is normal for you. You cannot have a long-term commitment to any idea that you start, but still you keep on doing new things again and again.

Publicizing your content is too boring for you.

Your heart is where your art is! And making your idea into reality is itself a giant success for you. There is always a big NO from your side to do any kind of publicity for that. It becomes very materialistic and fast paced for you, which your creative heart and lazy body cannot handle ever!

You don’t care about deadlines.

You cannot keep up with deadlines and restrictions ever! Rules and regulations for you is like an invisible cage that doesn’t let you open up your mind for new ideas. As an artist, you feel you are limited to certain boundaries which affects the quality of your work. Also, deadlines means doing everything on time and lazy pandas never do anything on time!

Anyways, you do not seem to care, as you end up presenting your work after the deadlines all the time.

Reviewing or redoing your ideas is what you hate the most.

Rarely do you consider redoing your ideas because you are really proud of what you have created, and the thought of doing it again itself makes you leave it unfinished!

Though doing nothing and just sleeping all day energizes you,doing something creative, working on that idea that has struck you in the shower, or in your sleep, or while doing the most unproductive things gives you the feeling of more than just satisfaction. It compensates for being lazy and makes you who you are!

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