11 Breakfasts To Cure That Hangover And Make Mornings Suck A Little Less

Nights out are fun. They’re full of dancing, nights to remember, and alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol. Mornings are a little less fun. See, they’re full of getting over the weekend, and not letting your boss know that your fun weekend is affecting your work. And let’s just get it out there: Hangovers suck. They’re the punishment given to us for having too much fun, or drowning our sorrows in the one thing we know will always be there for us. Fear not though, because these beautifully oily breakfasts may actually save your life, your job, and your love for alcohol. Now, the secret to curing that hangover is a) lots of water

b) a healthy (ish), filling breakfast


Anti-Hangover Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich

Literally all you need to do for this one is smear peanut butter on both slices of bread, slice a banana and place it on one slice, sprinkle some cinnamon on that slice, and put both slices of bread together. Heat it up in a pan with some oil, and viola.

So in theory peanut butter= salt, banana=potassium while wheat bread = cysteine, an amino acid that helps you metabolize alcohol; in practice is all sorts of delicious.

Cereals. Kill them and become a cereal killer.

Okay, don’t stop reading because of that horrible joke. But cereals contain, at the most basic level, vitamins and iron. Milk also helps settle your stomach, which is probably what your hungover stomach needs. Just try to avoid the extra sugary cereals, because sugar will only add to the imbalance in your body. If you’re in the mood to get all domestic, you can make some cereals and keep it ready for the hangover.

Porridge, because that can be tasty too.

So it’s the same thing as cereals here, except Porridge is a lot heavier, and a lot more comforting. So once you’ve puked all there is to puke out, we suggest this. Simply roasting oats and then cooking it in milk till it’s creamy and thick works, or you can get fancy.

A good ol’ English breakfast

Fried eggs, bacon (or some high in sodium meat), fried veggies like mushroom or tomatoes, whatever works. Orange juice, because that’s healthy, flavoured hydration, and works better than coffee.

Scrambled eggs are eggcelent

Okay, if you’re having a negative reaction to my puns, I shall stop, but I’m obsessed with eggs for a good reason here. Basically, eggs are perfect for hangovers. They’re high in nutrients, filling, and easy to make. Scrambled eggs, however, are probably the best- they’re easy to get down, and comfort food at its best. Scrambled eggs and toast (whole wheat, duh)? Yes please!

Idlis, because tasty+healthy=perfect breakfast

Rice is the perfect way to soak up all those post-partying toxins, and idlis are basically the breakfast version of rice. So order them in, or make them yourself, this deliciously healthy breakfast is the answer to all your hangover woes.

Upma, because it has the word ‘ma’ in it, so obvz it’s healing.

Okay, bad (and totally true) joke aside, Upma is nutritious and the water it soaks up to become the deliciousness we all know to be true. Go for mildly flavoured upma here though, because your stomach probably won’t be able to take the heavy masalas.

This deliciously magical smoothie

I was slightly icky about this smoothie, bit it’s easy to make and perfect for a hangover. It’ll leave you feeling slightly less shitty, and even healthier. Try it.

Thai Curry Noodle Soup With A Fried Egg

This is ALL SORTS of perfect, because it hydrates, gives a lot of flavour, nutrition, and gives you the breakfast staple: an egg. You’re welcome. You can get the recipe here.

Banana Smoothie- for when you’re hungover AF, but still have a sweet tooth.

I know you’re going all “GIVE IT A BREAK WITH THE SMOOTHIES GURL”, but bananas are rich in potassium, which will help you feel slightly stronger after you’ve partied all night. Also, this is perfect if you’re not into mixing and matching with veggies and fruits.


Okay, I’m not going to tell you how this is good for you, because let’s be honest here, it probably isn’t. But strawberries have natural moisture, and I’m sure everything else figures some how. I HAD TO INCLUDE THIS IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL, I’M SORRY. Find the recipe for it here

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