20 Signs You’re A Highly Sensitive Person, And It’s A Good Thing

While you wonder time and again if you are one of those people who feel too much, here’s a sure shot way to know if you’re highly sensitive. And just to make it clear in the first go, there is nothing wrong with it.

Highly sensitive humans feel a LOT and they are usually looked down upon by the general masses for not upholding logic as their bane of existence. They are also frequently turned to when the tides become choppy and dealing with emotions feels like a tough detour.

I give you 20 signs to know if you belong among this rank of humans with supremely-well-dealt-emotions.

You feel everything too deeply.

From pain to joy, you feel it all. And you feel it thoroughly. There is no 50-50 for you. It’s either an all-in or all-out and you’d rather have it that way. At times you may wonder if you are an emotional extremist since you feel both ends of the spectrum so completely.

More often than not, you undergo a roller coaster of emotions.

While you may not be vocal about this, your days hardly represent a steady line graph. You have frequent turbulence of a range of emotions and you keep it more internal rather than external. You sometimes surprise yourself by acknowledging the fact that you’ve dealt with a large span of inner whirring in just a few days.

For you, it takes a while to “let that shit go”.

While the world around you may not have a problem moving on, you feel stuck with all the stuff from your recent past. For you, letting go involves much more than getting over a person or situation. And that’s exactly why you prefer taking your time to heal fully.

You are super aware of your surroundings.

You enter a room and can absorb it’s energy within minutes. This gives you an edgy feeling because you either fall in love with a place or you want to leave it. You are highly conscious of the vibrations of your surrounding and tend to either flow with them or crank up your wall to keep them away.

Any kind of negativity affects you more than you let it show.

If you are an optimist in general, even a tiny amount of negativity is unwelcome. Even though others around you may seem oblivious to this bit of negativity, it affects you more than you show it. And you try your best to convert these unpleasant emotions into something more peace-driven and calming.

For you love-making is a very charged affair.

From a simple kiss to foreplay, sex isn’t just a physical for you. It is very stimulating mentally and emotionally and your body follows this lead. You may also find yourself being stocked up emotionally after a really good make-out session.

You take on other people’s energies only to fill them up with your own.

You pick up other people’s energies around you and pump it up with your own. If a person is feeling low, you may tend to take on their sadness or angst and try with all your might to boost them up.

And sometimes, this lead you to feel emotionally depleted.

You tend to be an emotion-charger for folks around you and this may cause you to feel emotionally drained after a bit. While you may have a strong urge to be there for people, you become unwise in protecting your own energy levels.

You’ve battled depression and anxiety, even though you don’t talk about it.

While most people think you’re straight out of la-la land, only you know better. You’ve been through the pits of hell when it comes to life and you’ve walked out of depression and anxiety multiple times. While you constantly choose happiness and joy, you are well acquainted with the dark side too.

You are comfortable with all of your emotions.

You don’t edit bits of you that are not socially accepted or wanted. You are comfortable in all your emotions, the good, the bad and the ugly and you exhibit them just as they are, time and again.

And don’t try to hide them.

You are very vocal about how you feel and while you may have been shy talking about your feelings as you grew up, you now own them. And own up to them. You also encourage people to freely display their emotions without worrying how the world might react.

You are not very good with Change.

Change always seems too hard for you. You are more of a comfort-zone being and when your world goes topsy-turvy, you always assume the worst. Even though, towards the end you always realize that change is nothing but your friend.

You are very careful not to hurt other people’s feelings.

You are extremely sensitive to other people’s emotions and constantly on your guard as to not hurt them, even unintentionally. You generally place yourself in the other person’s shoes and closely relate to the saying “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Hence saying a healthy “no” is a bit of a difficult affair for you.

You are more often than not worried about offending people’s sentiments and hence even when it comes to saying a healthy “no” at times, you hesitate. You tend to overthink the situation and prepare for the worst conversations in your head, while the matter truly is rather simple.

You build a sacred space at home or work where you head almost daily to recharge.

You have that special nook in your room or home or even your work place for that matter where you head alone to recharge daily. Here is this only-you zone that composes of everything you love. Be it paints, your musical instruments or just a neat floor with candles and incense burning.

You need your own time and company to place your understandings.

You surely don’t compromise on sneaking out on the world of socializing to get in touch with your inner workings. You like to jot down or talk with yourself about the recent understandings and realizations you’ve accumulated on the chapter named Living.

You like to deal with your problems on your own.

You rarely share your worries or areas where you’re stuck. Rather you are usually the person who’s on the receiving end of other people’s insecurities and problems. And you like it that way. You prefer being emotionally independent and like to sort out your shit on your own.

You build a group of close friends only on the basis of the vibe factor.

Your inner circle of mates are very selectively chosen. You are in tune with people’s vibes and tend to only allow those who uplift you, motivate you and love you for both your dark and your light, to be a part of your tribe.

You don’t seem to understand why people make such a big deal about being practical.

You seem to find people who tend to berate being emotional as naive. While you know that the brain and the heart should go hand in hand, you don’t hesitate in primarily listening to the callings of your heart.

You often consider people who cage their emotions as very young souls.

You find it amusing when people run away from their emotions rather than befriend them. You wonder how could such a complex set of atoms just be reduced to staying practical and un-feeling most of the time. You also tend to think of such folks as rather young in their journey.

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