“The Problem Is, You Think You Have Time”

The problem is you think you have been guaranteed a tomorrow.

And that’s exactly why, you go on postponing your dreams. That’s exactly why you put everything you love for that ideal day when you’ll be done with your responsibilities.

Let me wake you up to a rude fact. You ONLY have today. All the yesterdays are dead and all the tomorrows may never come. And all this baggage you carry of all these “important” things is going to fall off suddenly because you won’t even realize that years have gone by and you no longer have the sweet choice of working on your dreams.

Here you are, living in blissful ignorance that time is under your control. That this life, this breath and this body are only going to give up, once you are ready for them to. Wrong. You might not even know where you are going to be the very next second. So stop taking your day for granted. Stop taking these numbered breaths as a permanent fixture.

Open your eyes to the present. Open your eyes to Today. Because like it or not, that’s all you’ve got. This moment is here for you to dive right in. And it is what you do in this moment that matters. Nothing else. Not what you did yesterday or how you failed and not what will happen tomorrow.

Since the present moment is all that you’ve got, I recommend you make your happiness your priority.

What makes your heart stir? What is it that you would want to keep doing, all through the days that you’ve got? Paint tee-shirts? Make flower crowns? Make acoustic versions of pop songs? Read poems aloud? Or write a few? Sit by a campfire and not talk? Snuggle with your cat or dog and fall asleep?

What is it that really, really matters to you? What is it that you would want to do had you only one last hour to live? Do that. Pick up that paintbrush. Pick up those drumsticks. Pick up the flour and go make all the gnocchi you’ve ever wanted to. Roll out that mat and try that yoga pose you thought you could have nailed last time, had you just those extra 15 minutes.

Because, your happiness matters. You matter. And to push your passions to tomorrow is just not fair to that heart of yours. You deserve to do things that fill you with joy, today. You deserve to set out a fixed amount of time in pursuit of your dreams, today.

And don’t give me that “Oh, but I have a job and family” rhyme. Because I have one, too. And as important as it is to pay the bills and hug your folks, it is equally important to nourish your heart and your soul. You don’t have to die with all the amazing possibilities still inside of you. You don’t have to die with all those world-loving ideas still wired in that brain of yours.

But most importantly, you don’t need to treat yourself as an option. Or treat your dreams like they are passable and not worthy of daily dedication and your happiness like it’s secondary.

Make a promise to yourself. Make a promise that you will take out at least an hour daily to do what makes you happy. Make a promise that you’ll prioritize your joy and it will be among the first five on the list. Make a promise that you’ll live your dreams not someday, but today and every single day.

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