10 Essential Things Every Girl Needs In Her Closet

I never met a girl who said she has too many clothes. No matter how many outfits one may own, never having anything to wear is a universal problem. You may be one of those people who loves keeping up with trends and changing your closet every season, but you still need to invest in a few things that will make dressing up so much easier. Build your wardrobe with these stylish essentials, so you’re always dressed to kill!

The classic denim jacket for a chic, grungy look

A denim jacket goes with anything; find a

well-fitting one and you can wear it almost anywhere, from the movies to a night

out to and also to add an extra layer of clothing in the chilly days.

A pair of sexy black stockings/leggings.

In fact you can never have too many pairs of black

stockings or leggings. Pair them with your favourite dress, and you’re good to

go and take the town by a storm.

Matching pyjama set

Albeit there’s nothing more comfortable than sleeping

in an old over-sized t-shirt that might have belonged to your boyfriend or even

your brother, but you have to have a cute pyjama set for all the sleepovers and


A neutral tote bag

You can have fifteen bags but you still need the

classic black or tan leather tote that goes with everything. It’s perfect for

the times when you’re in a hurry and can’t decide what to carry.

A comfy pair of jeans that fit like second skin.

Jeans are obviously a wardrobe essential, and I’m sure

pretty much everyone has their favourite pair of jeans. If you’re lucky enough

to find a pair that fits like gloves, be sure to buy more than just one!

A piece of clothing that makes you feel super sexy and hot

Whether it’s the classic little black dress or a

leather skirt, having a piece of clothing that makes you feel gorgeous no

matter how your day has been is definitely a must have.

A statement watch

Buying a good statement watch can be an expensive

affair, but you should definitely save up and get one because no one uses a

watch to tell the time anymore.

The black blazer, so you’re dressed to kill at an interview

The black blazer is definitely a wardrobe essential

because it can be paired with almost anything, be it denims or formal black

pants to take your look from edgy to professional.

A pair of the perfect denim shorts

Whether it’s ripped or with lace, it is the perfect

holiday accessory for a weekend getaway. A pair of shorts that fits well will

last for years to come.

A sentimental piece of clothing that holds emotional value.

Hold onto those things that mean a lot to you instead

of getting rid of memories from your past. Your school uniform or your first

boyfriend’s favourite hoodie that you stole, all fall under this category.

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