He Sat Down And Wrote This On His School Desk. His Life Was Never The Same Again!

College life, hands down is the most fun part our lives. It’s loaded with tons of memories- the good, the not-so-sweet and some important but tough lessons. We find so many crazy imperfect crackpots like us that we instantly click and hence the foundation of a life long friendship is laid. However, for an introvert life is slightly different, it takes a lot of time for them to open up and finally form their own group ( I’m sure all you introverts are nodding your head in agreement right now ;)) Irrespective of your personality type, the best part of college is that you will always find at least one more “Specie” who has the same defect as you and understands your stupidity like no one else (Tag those friends and trust me, they are the ones worth fighting for).

Some introverts also have this one imaginary friend who they talk to and share every single detail of their life. However have you ever imagined, what would happen if you ever get to meet that imaginary friend in real life. Would you freak out? Or would you just go and hug that person instantly? ( I would probably give that person a tight hug, What would you do?)

In this clip, a shy boy called Peter enter his class and keeps to himself while everyone else is busy socializing and basically whiling away time. He takes out his pencil and writes, “Hi, my name is Peter” on the desk and leaves that class for the day. When he comes back the next day he is horrified to find this on the same desk as he was sitting yesterday. Hit the play button to see how Peter’s life took a 360 degree turn after sitting on this ‘DESK’.