13 Reasons Why Living In The Present Will Make You The Happiest Person Alive

I used to be this absolutely chaotic human on the inside. Day in and day out, like the rest of us, I would plunge into the past or jump into the future. And despite all the rummaging and trying-to-control-the-Universe, I ended up feeling frustrated and sad.


And then meditation happened to me. I am not suggesting you meditate too. Nope, because the fun part begins now. I began to, rather was forced to greet the present moment. I was with the NOW and suddenly, I realized this huge-ass thing.

There is no yesterday and there is no tomorrow. Not yet. All we have is today.

Yesterday has vanished and tomorrow, isn’t even born yet. So why in the world are we trying so hard to keep those two here, right now?

If you really want to be happy today, (not tomorrow or day after), let these 13 reasons convince you of living the present moment.

You drop off anxiety and stress.

Like a bomb! The minute you are just flowing with the

natural rhythm of your breath, you will feel your anxiety getting dimmer and

your stress losing control. Try it.

Your entire focus is on building this moment.

Because nothing, and I mean nothing, is bigger than THIS

moment that you have. So all your plans for the future will now begin to rest

on today.

The past is just memory. And the future, imagination.

Aren’t they? Can you hold the past like an object? Can you

literally SEE the future? No! So why are you letting this moment slip away for

things that don’t even exist? *Churn your neurons*

You will feel utter relaxation in your mind and body.

As you breathe in the present, you will feel the stoop of

your shoulders release. All the tension you’ve been holding in, will slowly

seem to escape.

You will be able to see things more clearly.

Your perspective will have new dynamics because you will have

more mental space to view things differently.

You will become calm and responsive v/s muddled and reactive.

No longer will you pounce at the very first reactive urge.

You will now learn to respond creatively and with a calmer demeanour.

Happiness will start bubbling within you.

I am not kidding. You will suddenly realize that happiness

was right here, all along. It was just waiting for you to slow down and catch

up with it.

You will become a better listener.

Since you won’t constantly be wondering about what is going

to happen next or drowning in memories, your focus will be centered here. And that

in turn will make you a better listener and conversationalist.

You will take one day at a time.

Exactly! And will still keep working towards your goals.

Just minus all that unnecessary internal bashing or pressure.

You will be able to cherish the most ordinary things.

And how!? You won’t be on a lookout for reasons to be happy.

You just will be!

You won’t wait for tomorrow to do what you love.

Because now you know, that tomorrow might not come after all. So

whether it’s painting, dancing, gardening or having sex, you’ll go do it today.

The days will seem longer than usual.

That’s the beauty about living in the present. Time seems to

slow down and you seem to juice up every single second to live it large, in the

true sense.

Your attention span will become stronger and deeper.

And so will your creativity. Because your mind won’t be

running around making imaginary scenarios anymore, but rather building a

beautiful today.

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