10 Kung Fu Movies That Are Perfect For The Next Movie Night With Your Girlfriends

I don’t remember the first time I saw a Kung Fu flick. But it must be when I was a tiny thing, mucking around the house, imagining fairies and what not. But I DO remember how it felt, watching this man move as fast as the wind on TV. He was so quick that I couldn’t afford to blink, lest I lost the next move.

It was over before it even began and my miniature head was screaming “I NEED more of this awesome sauce.” Of course, back then, a good two decades ago, a girl child loving martial arts was practically bonkers. But I was hooked and there was no going back.

So I grew up on some pretty fab Jet Li, Bruce Lee, and Jackie Chan movies. And till date, I can watch all these 10 on loop if you asked me to. Trust me, move away from the rom-coms for just one night and try out these funny, intelligent, bad-ass Kung Fu movies instead.

Shaolin Soccer

If Kung Fu could have got anymore cooler, it

absolutely did by coupling with football. Watch 5 brothers do

unimaginably funky moves along with a background love story involving sweet

buns. *Not saying anything more*

Kung Fu Hustle

Oh man! The variety of ah-ma-zing characters in this

one is ridiculous! It’s this giant sack of fun, sass and Kung Fu stuffed up to the

brim with awesomeness.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

This one is a bit slow. But the story is delicious.

It’s also one of those old-school favourites that involve walking on trees and

levitating. *Drools*

The Legend of Drunken Master

You have to totally watch this to know how alcohol

actually makes Kung Fu deliriously fun. Especially if you love Jackie Chan.

*fan moment*

Shanghai Noon

I honestly savoured the comradery between Owen and

Jackie, especially because the polarity of their characters allowed for so much

FUN. Definitely worth a tub of popcorn, this one.

Fist of Legend

Jet Li is not only frigging good at Kung Fu but he

also has a certain charm that makes watching him, a great experience. Also,

this movie can seriously have you hooked.

The Karate Kid

Definitely my favourite. And I am talking “I-can-watch-this-movie-anytime-anywhere”.

Seriously, just go binge it on, please.

Rush Hour

Ah! I am going to trip, beg and plead that you let

Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan rock your world with this one. *Cannot get over

the feels*

Kung Fu Chefs

If you love food and want to see how Kung Fu could

make some of the best looking dishes EVER, plug this one in. *I actually couldn’t

believe how good it was*

The Forbidden Kingdom

When all the good Kung Fu guys come together to make

a cray film, you have to see it. You HAVE to.

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