7 Sensible Reasons Why You Must Not ‘Keep Up With The Kardashians’

Today, I won’t even say anything. Nothing to be said… my desperation has reached such peaks that I’m writing an article on why we shouldn’t be talking about the Kardashians. Yes, that’s what these leading ladies have limited me to. With all due respect to all they have achieved, I think it’s honestly time to move to better things. Here is why:

They Are Terribly Mean To Animals.

In 2010 Kim, (oh Kim) sparked debates over the reprehensible way she held up a cat for a (GUESSWHAT?) picture! PETA also called her and the rest of the Kardashian clan one of the worst people when it comes to animal welfare…considering all the fur they so shamelessly adorn, I say I’m not even surprised.

They CONSTANTLY promote unhealthy body standards.

The Kim Kardashian-Kylie Jenner waist shapers? A number of doctors have highlighted the damage wearing these could do. Let’s not forget the relentless use of botox and other “fillers” to achieve that “perfect” magazine bod. Can we begin to think of all the damage this does to the minds of young people?

They are firm believers of doing nothing useful with all their money.

I mean, really? Imagine the kind of social changes they could have initiated! But nope, they were always too busy promoting their plastic surgeons and make up brands. Come on!

Also, ahem, why are they famous?

For Kim’s tape? I really REALLY don’t want to go there, and personally, don’t give a damn about what she does with whom and why she tapes it… but what is this giving out? Are we to believe that the lack of talent will take you everywhere? That the sexual objectification of women is an A-Okay way to make a name?

Talking of which, who here is DONE with their narcissicism?

MY GOD! Way to believe the world revolves around them, eh? They’re all about showing off and being self-absorbed. Selfies selfies selfies. Is there a world beyond them? Nothing infuriates me more.

And the blatant promotion of Materealism? ? ? ? ? ?

Just money. Do we believe there is no other rich person in the world other than the Kardashian clan? No. Why then are they the only ones to constantly show off, just live off the money they already have, projecting themselves as some kind of worship-worthy royalties? “ERRHHMAGERD MY EARRING FELL”

Kim, please!

And lastly, all the media monopoly.

So this isn’t their fault, it’s ours. They thrive on our attention, and we give it to them. When the world should be talking off a million other important things (Hint: Syria) (Hint: Global Warming) (Hint: Trump), we speak of Kardashian butts. How evil is this? Like Paris Hilton, this Kardashian clan needs to go down. And soon. For my sake, and yours.